Sonos Boost in a rack - USB power options?

  • 10 February 2022
  • 2 replies

I’ve moved my networking equipment into a small rack in the garage. To cut down on required power plugs in the rack, I’ve used a multi-port USB charger to provide power to Hue and Hive hubs. I’d like to do the same for the Sonos Boost, but I’m really struggling to find a USB DC power cable with the correct barrel connector to fit the Boost properly.

The nearest connector I found was Type H (OD: 3.4mm, ID:1.3mm) that you can just about squeeze in, but it’s an unreliable loose fit. Does anyone know the size spec of the Boost power connector, or even better found a USB DC power cable that fits? Or is it a non-standard Sonos specific fitting?

An ebay option I tried that claimed to be for the Boost just sent the same Type H cable that’s too loose.

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2 replies

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Price sucks but a replacement power supply to serve as a cable donor would work.



Thanks, I hadn’t thought about hacking something together myself. But like you say, that’s quite an expensive option when a simple 5V DC USB cable should be pretty cheap (assuming that connector exists somewhere!)