Sonos Beam And HDMI Switch

  • 11 August 2019
  • 2 replies

My tv currently only has two HDMI ports, one being HDMI-Arc. I bought a switch because I needed at least 3. The switch I purchased is below:

Supposedly it supports HDMI-Arc. I have tried to read different posts that I could about this particular scenario that others may be experiencing, but could find no solution. The different combinations I've tried have given no luck. Every time i try to set up my tv again it says there's no signal for the HDMI-arc.

I have tried with leaving the Sonos directly into my tv and Arc port, but sound won't come out of Sonos, due to my switch interrupting it.

I have tried my Sonos hooked into my switch, while my switch is hooked up to the Arc port on my tv. Say's it can't find a signal when redoing tv set up

I have tried my Sonos hooked into my switch, while I used the adapter that comes with the Sonos, to have the optical connected to the switch as well, which in turn gets transferred back into my Sonos through the adapter and HDMI. Still can't reach a signal.

I have tried different HDMI ports as well as had the ARC option on and off on my switch during this.

I don't know what to do at this point. Any suggestions?

2 replies

So, if I understand this system correctly, this is the way I would set it up.

First, a recent HDMI cable from the HDMI-ARC oort in the TV to the “out” port on the switch. The reason I say a “recent” HDMI cable is that there are different levels of support built in to HDMI, and older cables won’t support HDMI-ARC.

Then I’d connect all my sources to the various inputs on the HDMI switch. Since none of them need to carry HDMI-ARC, the cables are less important, in terms of what version of HDMI they support.

Then, I’d connect the optical cable to the optical output on the HDMI switch, and the other end to the adapter for the Sonos.

Because at that point, you’re losing the “handshake” aspect of HDMI-ARC, I would be sure to lock down all sources so that they are sending a Dolby Digital signal only, it’s possible that the TV would be allowing DTS or Dolby Digital, etc. you want to preempt this by setting up Dolby Digital use only in the audio settings in each source.

It might also function if you were to connect the Beam with a new HDMI cable to an input on the switch, I’m not sure, since I’ve never tested one of these switches.