sonos ARC placement above TV

  • 4 December 2022
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Need some help and guidance before mounting TV and sonos ARC. I have 77” TV with 10 ft ceiling. TV hight will be 40”. Location is above fire place. The ceiling clearance from top of tv screen is 24 inches. Viewing distance about 12 feet.  So the question is, can I mount ARC above TV and still get best sound effects or am I going to miss out some ATMOS sound effects?

Thanks in advance!!

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1 reply

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If the Arc will only be 2 feet from the ceiling and you are sitting 12 feet away from the Arc, you will not hear any height channel effects when playing Dolby Atmos audio. You would have to cut your viewing distance by half at the very least, and even then, you still may not be close enough.

For example, I have 8-foot ceilings and my Arc is 6 feet from the ceiling. My ideal listening position is sitting 7-9 feet from the Arc.