Sonos and Unifi gear / VLANs - RSTP update

  • 30 September 2019
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For the folks running Unifi Gear and Sonos: -- Unifi released an update (currently in RC, should be production soon) that lets you switch the switches back to RSTP

  1. apply the new switch (v 4.0.55 or higher) and controller versions to your Unifi Gear,
  2. move the switches back to using RSTP and [img][/img]
  3. Modify the port settings on the LAN ports that connect to Sonos Gear, - turn off STP.. (Turn off Enable Spanning Tree Protocol)[img][/img]
I've been running this setup in our home for a few weeks now and finally all my LAN gear can get DHCP in under 5 seconds (earlier it was o
ver 45 seconds with STP)
hope it helps

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2 replies

'Back to RSTP'? Sonos still uses path costs which are (more or less) compatible with Classic STP.

Sonos STP Switch Settings
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It lets Sonos continue to use STP and switches the rest of your switch ports to use RSTP

It would take 30-50 seconds for my wired devices to get an IP over DHCP when all ports were using STP for Sonos to work

This way i can keep the rest of my home on RSTP and let the port that's connected to the Sonos BOOST off the tree.