Playbar and external speakers

  • 26 March 2017
  • 2 replies

I have a sonos playbar connected to my TV through an optical chord. The apartment I moved into has speakers built into the wall with the copper wiring. I just went to Best Buy and bought a receiver and the Sonos connect (Not connect:amp) based on the sales guys advice. I want to be able to play TV sound through the playbar and external speakers simultaneously. Is this even possible or was the Best Buy guy wrong. Do I need the connect:amp? Or is this impossible?

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2 replies

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Assuming you mean that you are using the receiver separately (and that the TV audio isn't running into it), then you should be able to put the TV audio into both the Playbar and Connect as separate zones. But if you are trying to create a surround-type experience, you can't. You'll also be able to put music from the receiver into the Playbar - which I do for vinyl and the occasional local sports event that is blacked out on TuneIn. The Connect should work without AMP.
Thanks, can I get the surround sound experience with the tv and external speakers through the amp?