Nest Wifi Pro and Sonos

  • 5 January 2023
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I’ve moved to a Nest Wifi Pro mesh network. Whereas I previously didn't have any issues with the earlier Nest mesh network, I can't seem to connect my speakers wirelessly using the S2 mobile app.


From the research I have done, it seems like Sonos don't like networks where the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands aren't split, like with the Nest Pro. My current solution is to use the controller app on a Windows PC, and wire the speakers.


I have gotten rid of my Sonos Bridge a long time ago, but a bridge which could be accessed wirelessly to talk to wired speakers would also have been a good solution I guess.


Any way, it would be nice if the setup process could be changed so the speakers can connect to a wireless networks where the bands have not been split.


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5 replies

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Have you followed the Nest-specific recommendations on this page?


Have you followed the Nest-specific recommendations on this page?


It is a one year old article. There was no Nest Wifi Pro at the time, but I have been using my Sonos Play 1 and Play 5 (gen 2), without problems on a Google mesh network for years, without any issues. On the old mesh, the 2 bands were split, whereas this is not the case anymore with the new one.

You can get round all these WiFi band issues by wiring a Sonos device to the primary Google unit’s LAN port, thus putting Sonos into SonosNet mode.  If it is not convenient to wire a speaker you could use a Boost.

Just to add I use Sonos on Plume WiFi mesh…and it’s 2.4Ghz/5Ghz bands use the same SSID/Password and no way to split those bands, but Sonos S2 devices all setup/work fine on that WiFi.

The internal ‘band steering’ should sort out which bands to put the Sonos devices onto - I currently use the older WPA2 AES security mode for the WiFi security and not had any issues with setup.

Some Sonos devices use the 5Ghz band and others, like Home Theatre master devices Arc/Beam/Ray, each use their 2.4Ghz adapters. So I don’t see any reason why Sonos would not setup and work on Nest WiFi Pro.

But in any event, as mentioned, there’s always (wired) SonosNet mode as an alternative option anyway, just do not wire any Sonos products to the Satellite Hubs and definitely do not wire a Surround or Sub to the primary mesh Hub/Router.

If the Nest Pro WiFi mesh system, unlike the earlier Google WiFi, now allows for "bridged AP mode" to a main (usually ISP provided) modem/router… then I would personally opt for that type of network setup too, as that can often work well with Sonos, as stated in the earlier linked ‘FAQ Troubleshooting Sonos on WiFi’ thread.

Got same issue here with in ceiling speakers + AMP and new Nest Wi-Fi Pro system I rather not have to change since everything else works well with it except Sonos. 

I see the great answer from @Ken_Griffiths but as a real wifi novis I just wonder what changes you made to your mesh to make this work (if you got it to work) @controlav ? Thanks in advance. This is so frustrating :(