Mesh conflicts with separate systems

  • 1 September 2023
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I have two apartments in Omaha NE, across the hall from each other. I uses macs & iPhones, all up to date. I use an eero mesh wifi, with a CAT5 cable connecting the two apps, so we can use the same wifi addresses etc in both places, one backup system, NAS for music library, etc.   I have 9 SONOS components, 5 new, 4 old. I have them arranged into two separate systems, one connected with an overhead projector working through Roku & CONNECT, using S2. The other in the apartment across the hall using S1. This system has worked flawlessly for several years.
    I recently upgraded the eero to 6 PRO (doesn't use the 6GHz band but has multiple 5's for back traffic & continues to has 2.4GHz. This new wifi easily reaches across the hall, with all 9 systems logging on to both zeros, leaving me with the problem. Virtually every time I open either app, it tells me that I have legacy components that can't be used, and will not load the system. I have to go to the other apt and unplug the units.
    How can I successfully keep each system segregated, so this doesn't happen? Locking the system components in a particular configuration?

    The eero app gives me the possibility of blocking systems from joining that wifi node...

Thanks, james_216

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Hi @james_216 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I can see that your systems are separated into S1 and S2, so we don’t need to do anything to the configuration of your speakers/systems.

However, it’s possible that each app has learned about the system it is not supposed to be connecting to. You can remedy this, and although it is a bit involved, you shouldn’t need to repeat it.

Please disconnect all S2 units from power, then open the S1 app on your phone. Go to System » App Preferences » Reset App » Reset. Once you exit the app and reopen, go past the introduction screens then opt to Connect to an Existing System. Go through the steps needed to connect.

Once done, please then disconnect all S1 units from power, connect S2 units to power, and open the S2 app. Reset it too, and connect it to the existing S2 system in the same way. Once done, reapply power to the S1 system.

That’s it - you should now have two systems using two apps on one network.

If you encounter any problems, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports. Do not reset any Sonos products.

I hope this helps.