• 28 February 2017
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Hello and good afternoon Sonos community,

I am an AV designer that has been tasked to outfit a semi high-profile residence of a state Governor with a "wireless sound system" This system is to reside in a historical building and as such will not allow for much in the way of modifications let alone opening the walls up to run new speaker wiring. We wouldn't be able to use attic or basements as pathways either as everything is pretty inaccessible. The rooms do have plenty of AC power outlets that would accommodate the Sonos setup fairly well though. There are five rooms/areas that each need sound reproduction and they are all within close range of each other (less than a 50' diameter from the main transmitter) so wireless range should be acceptable.

My biggest concern however is that this system will need to incorporate a wireless mic for public speaking events. The Sonos system does have a line input feed that I can take the output of a DSP/mixer setup and send it to the Sonos but what would the latency be from the Sonos wireless speakers? Will it be bad to the point of being unusable? Has anyone tried to do this before and have any luck one way or another?

I did try to search this forum for answers but not much came up. I did see a post regarding a user who had tried to play their piano through the line in port and had issues with latency but someone suggested turning off compression helps tremendously. Is there anything to these claims? Just hoping someone here has tried this and can tell me yes it will work or no it won't and here's why.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read through this, and thank you in advance for any response.
Best Regards

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5 replies

The latency would be at the minimum 70 ms. In my opinion, this would make using it as input for a PA system not too practical.
Thank you for the information jgatie. Is there a document that might show any info in regards to how you came up with that number? I am trying to provide concrete info back to the client for their considerations and the more info I have the better.
Is there a document that might show any info in regards to how you came up with that number?
Correction, 75 ms for uncompressed. 😉
That link is very helpful, thank you ratty. I should be able to use this as a conversation starter, if there is any additional information out there or end user feedback in regards to a similar setup, I would love to know.

Thank you Sonos community! 😃