Large Sonos System Audio Playback Issues

  • 31 January 2023
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Hey Sonos Community!

Just had a couple questions about some issues I’m currently having with my Sonos system.

I have about 19 different Sonos products in my system that are all spread out through our three wing building and also have about another five products that I haven’t set up yet since we’re having issues.

The issue I’m facing is when I switch channels or songs one speaker will play and all of the other speakers will stop and play off on and eventually if left on the same channel for a while they’ll all start playing in sync but if you change the channel it’ll start the whole process over again. 

All the speakers that I have have an excellent Wi-Fi score with 4 UniFi AP-HD spread throughout the building but I’m still having this issue

I currently have just invested in purchasing infrastructure that will allow me to add the Sonos on the LAN network and have currently added a Sonos Beam and Sonos One to my LAN netwrk and it was playing instantly when I would change the song, I just wanted to confirm that this was going to resolve the issues I was experiencing and apply this to all my other Sonos And if you guys could recommend any insights on performance enhancements or tips for better managing a very large Sonos system I would be very appreciated thank you have a great day!

Thank you!😈


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2 replies

Thank You so much Corry for your expert knowledge and recommendations on this issue!👍

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Hi @rxbxerv 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

First, I recommend you follow these steps on your UniFi configuration app:

  1. Log into the UniFi controller.
  2. In the Settings tab, click WiFi
  3. Click WiFi under the Settings page
  4. Click on the network SSID. Note: if there are multiple SSIDs that the players and controllers connect to, the same will need to be done for each SSID.

  5. Scroll down to Advanced Configuration and set it to Manual
  6. Scroll down to Multicast Management and click on Show Options

  7. Disable the following options by unchecking the Enable option:
    1. Multicast and Broadcast Control (blocks all multicast and broadcast for non-listed devices).
    2. Multicast Enhancement (converts multicast to unicast when possible).
    3. Client Device Isolation (prevents wireless client on the same AP from communicating with each other).
    4. Proxy ARP (converts broadcast to unicast when possible).

  8. Click on the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the page.
  9. Once completed, allow up to a minute for the AP to provision (apply the settings) and restore online connection, then proceed to rebooting or regrouping the Sonos Players.

Second, I recommend you have a read of my Troubleshooting Sonos on WiFi article for an explanation of how things change once you connect one or more Sonos products to the network with ethernet. In short, connecting any one (or more) Sonos device(s) to ethernet completely changes the way all Sonos products (excepting Moves or Roams) connect to the network.

Generally, it does improve things, but it also introduces a new WiFi network - ensuring that your WiFi and Sonos are not on overlapping channels is important. So is ensuring that interference is kept to a minimum by keeping wired speakers at least 1m away from Access Points and other WiFi devices.

I hope this helps.