Karaoke Setup with SmartTV, Mixer, and Beam

  • 5 August 2022
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I got my karaoke setup to work well, but I don’t want to keep unplugging the input into the Beam whenever I’m switching between watching tv vs. singing karaoke.

Regular TV Setup: SmartTv => Beam via HDMI eARC

Karaoke setup: SmartTv => Mixer via HDMI eARC; Mixer => Beam via Optical&HDMI adapter

Is there a way to keep these both set up simultaneously by using two switches to flip between the signals? For example:

SmartTv=>switch=>Beam or Mixer… then I’d need another switch just before the Beam to flip between the SmartTV signal (that passes through first switch) or the Mixer signal.

3 replies

If your Karaoke machine has an HDMI output, connect this to a TV input, but not the TV’s eARC input.

Hi Buzz,

It does have an HDMI out, but that is where I plug in the HDMI eARC from the TV. I do this b/c I’m using YouTube for the music/lyrics i.e. I’m combining the TV’s YouTube signal with the wireless mics (mixer) into the Beam. Not exactly sure why that HDMI eARC output works, but that’s what the instructions for the device describe. I even tried plugging in the HDMI eARC into the HDMI input for the mixer, but that didn’t work. 


Or are you saying:

Keep HDMI eARC from TV=>Beam; then add regular HDMI from TV out=>Mixer Input; Mixer Output=>TV via regular HDMI Input… this seems like you’d need to run audio out of the TV’s eARC and HDMI simultaneously, though


For context, I bought this device on Amazon: DIGITNOW!Portable Karaoke Microphone Mixer System Set


The technology will fight this.

Something to try, but I’m not optimistic: Connect the TV eARC port to the mixer’s HDMI input, then connect it’s eARC port to BEAM. This would require eARC passthrough by the mixer and this is not likely, but it’s easy to try.

What is the source of your Karaoke music?

I think that the design intent of the mixer is that a DVD or Blu-ray player is connected to the mixer HDMI input and its eARC output is connected to the TV’s ARC or eARC port. Regular HDMI ports only allow audio to pass in one direction. HDMI ARC supports bi-directional audio, but both ends of the connection need to be managed. I’m not aware of any TV’s that support more than a single HDMI ARC port, but there are hundreds of models that I’m, not familiar with.

If your Karaoke source is DVD or Blu-ray player, I expect that you’ll be able to connect the player to the mixer’s HDMI input and it’s output can go the any TV port except the eARC port -- which must go to BEAM.