How to stream from linux to Sonos

Hi all,
there are a lot of projects to controll sonos devices from linux devices (personally I like a lot Noson but I would like to know if there is a way to stream the audio of a linux pc to a Sonos device?

thanks all


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I used a similar method to enable me to play the audio output of my Amazon Echo through my Sonos speakers, in effect giving me an Alexa voice controlled Sonos system, while we're still awaiting the official version!

As I use Macs I found that Nicecast form rougue amoeba made it an absolute breeze to setup a local audio stream, that I could then add as a radio station in the Tunein stations and play on my Sonos system.

I did find this link, also maybe there's a simple solution like Nicecast for Linux?
Johnnie Walker wrote:

This link, also maybe there's a simple solution like Nicecast for Linux?

Thank you @Johnnie for your fast reply
Set up a web radio for my need is like to shoot a bird with an atomic bomb :)
I was looking for something more simple. On my android phone I've found this app which works great, and I would like to find something like for my pc.

I will look more and I hope to update it!

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Yeah, I don't know of a simpler solution for Linux, as I said, the Nicecast app for Mac is really easy to use, basically just choose your audio source and then click 'Start Broadcast'.

The android app you linked to is very interesting.
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You might take a look at VLC, it acts as a streaming server. Haven't tried it to a Sonos though.
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I originally tried using VLC on my Mac but couldn't get it to work, it was almost there but kept stuttering and then stopping.
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I think the simplest solution would be if you find any system audio for DLNA streaming software. A quick search gave me

And also some useful information here:

Since you apparently run ubuntu, I think this would be applicable to you. Do note that there will always be a very noticeable delay when streaming your system audio, since you can't control how much buffer the receiving device will do.
I am considering moving to Spotify because they have a native Linux client while Deezer doesn't.


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