How to connect Pro-ject T1 BT to my sonos 1 / 3 / 5 ? ...this is BT not SB

  • 29 August 2022
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Just received my Project T1 BT (for bluetooth) and do not understand how to connect it with my Play 1 / 3 / 5 first gen.

Help, i m desperate… if it’s for bluetooht shouldn t need to buy extra device i presumed… i really would like to get ride of cable this time…


Many thanks for the procedure in case to apply on and any kind of information.

BR / Gael. 


Best answer by ratty 29 August 2022, 20:07

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5 replies

None of those speakers support BT directly. You’d need to buy a BT receiver and wire it to the Play:5’s Line-In.

Hi Ratty,

Thanks for your answer,

A basic BT receiver such as for example (amazon) :    ????

And i plug it to one player, but how do i “pair” it to the Project - T1 BT ? … will do it alone ? 

Thanks again for your support ? 

I wouldn’t choose that one. It’s designed to go in a car, and requires a physical USB-A port for power. (It also has a microphone, which isn’t necessary for a turntable.)

There are countless alternative BT receivers available, designed to connect to music/HiFi systems.

ok, understood, but that’s why i m so lost  in that… checking online and you have BT receiver from 15€ up to 1000€…. 

abusing of your expertise… (tks)… any more specific recommendation ? ;=)

Hi All, any recommendation for the BT receiver ? 

I ll follow your expertise