How do you boot a remote Spotify Connect user from your Sonos?

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TLDR: Once you connect Spotify to your Sonos on the local network, the Spotify app can control it remotely over the internet for ever and ever more.

****NB: I do not believe this to be related to adding Spotify as a music service.  The feature described above works on a Sonos without Spotify added as a service.

How do you boot a remote user off of the Sonos?

Appreciate a real answer from someone who has done this or a support rep, there is a lot of erroneous or out of date info on the internet.  My guess is factory reset might work, but I’m not sure.

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Start a non-Spotify stream on your Sonos system. 

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This does seem to work:

Note - that you have to test with 2 devices, or it won’t.  The video below was a bunk test: