Extending my Sonos and WiFi into the shed

  • 12 February 2017
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Hi everyone,

I currently have a bar and sub in the lounge, 5 in the living room and 1 in the kitchen.

I want to add a player in my shed, but my WiFi does not connect on my phone down there. I have power, but I have read that powerline extensions are a no no with Sonos.

I struggle with tech and WiFi networks etc, so I was hoping that someone might be able to give me some guidance.

My internet is via phone line as there is not cable down our road. The WiFi router is pretty poor, the signal is shit even though the house is tiny.

My shed is around 20m from the house. And as it stands I can't pick up any WiFi at all.

The shed does have power in it. But I have read that powerlines don't really work with Sonos.

I think that I might need some sort of WiFi booster but I have no idea what i need and where to get it from.

If it would make things much better then I can run a LAN cable if required, although this would be a massive ball ache.

Ideally I want a simple plug in something I can put in the house by the back door to send WiFi down the garden.

On a related topic. The WiFi signal in my house is crap, I seem to be fine on my phone but the laptop drops out a lot. I have to disconnect and reconnect a lot just to browse the internet.

Can I buy an upgraded router, would this help ? Is my signal shit or have the internet company given me a cheap router ?

Can someone please help a useless newbie ?!!

Many thanks


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2 replies

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If you want to try plug and play go with a boost and see if that will do it. If not from how you describe your wifi service you should have one anyway. - Kris 🙂
You might look at a wireless bridge - Ubiquiti and others make them. It's like a CAT wire without the wire. Most networked items won't know the difference. Then you can hook it to a switch and add a wireless access point and the sonos to the switch and have music and wifi at your shed.