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My Sonos can currently be controlled by SmartThings and Alexa. I originally set up SmartThings so that I could turn the Sonos off and on via Alexa before Alexa supported Sonos directly. Now that Sonos integration with Alexa is released, I want to remove Sonos from SmartThings. For the life of me, I cannot find a way to deauthorize SmartThings. Am I just missing the obvious here, or is Sonos not giving users the option to deauthorize third parties?

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There used to be a Sonos (Connect) smartapp. But I think in one of the more recent updates Smartthings connects direct to the Sonos speakers.

So you can go into smartthings and just delete the speakers from smartthings. Go to My HOme at bottom of app, find the speaker you want to delete and open. Click on the gear in top right corner - remove the speaker from Smartthings.


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