Connecting DJ Mixer to pair of Sonos Five

  • 23 March 2021
  • 1 reply

Hi folks,

Many people spoke about the latency response via the line-in when trying to connect DJ Mixer yo Sonos system. I have a simpler question though; if i tried to connect mixer to the line-in port in Sonos five paired with another Sonos Five. Would i atill experience latency?


i am not sure if this is the same question that has been asked before or not but most questions were talking about multi-room streaming but i am simply connecting pair of fives in one room and want to use them to stream music sourced from mixer. 

1 reply

Yes, this is the same question as has been asked scores of times.

All Sonos anaolog line ins, regardless of what device they are connected to, or what devices the signal is being sent to, incur that ~75ms delay. This makes the Sonos, in my opinion, particularly unsuited to DJ’ing. 

You can conceivably get around this issue by using a digital input, such as on the Beam or Arc, but then again, while those speakers would play with a significantly shortened input delay, any speakers ‘grouped’ with them would be delayed. 

If you’re interested, this is due to the need for Sonos software to ‘buffer’ data in order to play all ‘rooms’ in sync. There is no way to get around this in the Sonos software.