Can Sonos Not Remember/Save my Room Groups and Crossfade Options?

  • 17 June 2017
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Two problems:

1) CROSSFADE > I always want my Spotify music to crossfade. However, every time I close and reopen Sonos or Spotify app, I have to re-enable crossfade. Is there something I'm missing to get this setting to stick?

2) ROOM GROUPS > I just picked up a used Play5 (S5 Gen 1) and added it to my stereo pair Play 1s in my den. I added the Play5 as a separate room (Family Room) because I wanted to maintain the Play1's separately as a stereo pair under "Den" (they are in the same room however). In order to get the three to play together, I've grouped them. So now I have "Family Room + 1" when I play music or line-in from the TV.

However, I find that when I close and reopen the Sonos app, the room groups get reset to individual rooms. Is is possible to save a room grouping so that Sonos will remember and default to it until I change it?

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4 replies

Settings are persistent unless you unplug one or more units. They will not keep settings through a power down.
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So, if I unplug one of my Play 1's, the Sonos app crossfade settings and room groupings are wiped? Even if I just unplug and replug? Power interruption on any one speaker wipes app settings?
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Also, it seems that every time I go from TV to Music (for example, when I stop watching TV, turn it off, then return to Sonos app for Spotify music, the volume level from the room group defaults to all in line at 1/3rd volume. Regardless of my previous music room settings (I adjust volume of the two rooms to be slightly different based on room acoustics). What is causing this reset? I'd prefer the room volume settings persist as well.

Perhaps it has something to do with the Line-In "Autoplay Volume" settings? I have that turned on and set to 100% FWIW
@jgatie Sorry that is not correct. Crossfade does not persist no matter what. It has to be set each time.