Can Sonos Amp or Sonos Connect be used as a stereo pair?

  • 27 December 2022
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I don’t want to use the Sonos speakers and I have a couple places I can’t run speaker wire so I am looking to set up a Sonos Amp or a Sonos Connect as a dedicated left and a dedicated right, I know you can do this with some of the speakers but can you with a Sonos Amp or Sonos Connect?

3 replies

Sort of: Each player is a “Room”. You can “Group” Rooms and they’ll play time aligned with each other. In your case you would wire Left in one Room and Right in the other Room.

There’s another thread here that similarly discusses this type of setup too…


The Sonos Amps play audio in stereo by default. You can change the sound settings for the room associated with it so it plays as a mono channel when playing music. 

  1. Go to Settings > System, and select Amp. 
  2. Select Advanced Audio > Stereo/Mono and choose the stereo or mono option.

The Sonos CONNECT:AMP is the previous, and no longer produced, version of the Sonos Amp. The newer version has different input ports, and more power to the amplifier that feeds the speakers.

The Sonos CONNECT is the older version of the Sonos Port.  Both only provide a line level output to any amplifier you might connect to them.