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  • 7 September 2021
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Buen dia, tengo un inconveniente bastante delicado en cuanto a la configuración de sonos , tengo un sistema luxul que consta de un router epic 5 un switch administrable, y varios access point que distribuyen wifi, resulta que por un tema conocido como broadcast storm, que es generado por el sistema de comunicación de sonos, me resulta afectando la red de wifi, sobretodo la de 2.4g, tengo varias preguntas dado que he intentado todo cuanto he encontrado en internet para solucionar dicha tormenta.

tengo 4 barras Arc de sonido, 4 amp,  1 port, y 2 sub. 5 de estos equipos cuentan con cable y 3 de estos equipos se encuentran conectados vía wifi, hemos configurado el protocolo stp en los puertos que conectan los sonos, pero estos están conectados a switch no administrados de 5 puertos y este a su vez esta conectado al switch principal administrable, con la configuración recomendada para controlar el stp, pero no he logrado estabilizar mi red, la pregunta es que consejo me da sonos para realizar dicha configuración? 


El segundo caso es mas complejo dado que es otro sistema y esta conectado a switch no administrables y esta presentando problemas en la red wifi 2.4. lo cual me afecta porque no me permite conectar ningún equipo a esta red, en este caso tenemos 4 barras conectadas a switch de 5 puertos y estos a su vez conectados a switch de 24 puertos en el rack, todos llegando al mismo switch, y tenemos 4 dispositivos de sonos de forma inalámbrica, pero también me presenta el error de tormenta de broadcast.


Good morning, I have a very delicate problem in terms of sonos configuration, I have a luxurious system that consists of an epic 5 router, an administrable switch, and several access points that distribute Wi-Fi, it turns out that due to a topic known as broadcast storm, which It is generated by the sonos communication system, it is affecting the Wi-Fi network, especially the 2.4g one, I have several questions since I have tried everything I have found on the internet to solve this storm. I have 4 Arc sound bars, 4 amp, 1 port, and 2 sub. 5 of these computers have cable and 3 of these computers are connected via wifi, we have configured the stp protocol in the ports that connect the sonos, but these are connected to an unmanaged 5-port switch and this in turn is connected to the Main administrable switch, with the recommended configuration to control the stp, but I have not managed to stabilize my network, the question is what advice does sonos give me to carry out this configuration? The second case is more complex since it is another system and is connected to an unmanageable switch and is presenting problems in the 2.4 wifi network. which affects me because it does not allow me to connect any equipment to this network, in this case we have 4 bars connected to a 5-port switch and these in turn connected to a 24-port switch in the rack, all reaching the same switch, and we have 4 sonos devices wirelessly, but it also gives me the broadcast storm error.

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2 replies

hi @AndreGutierrez I suggest you get in touch with Sonos Support and send a diagnostic report


Switches along the path between wired Sonos units need to handle STP traffic correctly. Either they must actively participate in STP or they must transparently forward (flood) STP traffic. If they block STP packets an undetected loop will trigger a broadcast storm.

Remove switches, one at a time, from the wired path between Sonos devices, to locate the one causing the problem.