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  • 30 July 2013
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I have a boat. I have used Sonos for the past year. I have 2 play 5s, one sub, 5 play 3s, and one connect amp. I have a NAS.
I don't have a broadband but use my ipad to control everything and it works great all the time using my NAS and most of the time using MOG (Subscription). However, when I move from marina to marina, if the marina doesn't have Wi-Fi, I use my own hotspot (AttUnite), and a 450 trendnet dual band router. That is when I get conflicts. the failure is always the same message, "unable to add tracks to the queue", (NAS works great but MOG doesn't load tracks), however, my playlists from MOG play as I get to MOG and see there menu like "just for you" when I select a track it says unable to add track to queue. Oddly, my playlists will play after I select them a time or two. I have looked at each devices channel and they are all different (I changed them).

Yes I power down each device each time and powered up in router, bridge, ZP order.

Ideas? Also, when I check for a system update it says no updates required so its getting out. I wont be on the boat again for two weeks. I have also used a belkin router with same results.

One other thing, I am using a PC in ICS mode, (wan side get to net via PC wireless) lan side is using the router but the PC doesn't have SONOS Controller on it. When I put sonos controller on the PC then the IPAD/Iphone give me trouble but the Sonos on the PC works okay. Trouble is I want to control from Iphone/Ipad. (they have static ips too).

In most wifi marinas everything works great and I can add tracks to Queue. But when underway or at some wifi marinas my hotspot gives me the trouble.

Thanks for ideas!

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6 replies

By the sound of things you have situations where there's more than one DHCP server operating in the boat network. This would cause IP conflicts.

A PC in ICS connection sharing mode is a NAT router plus DHCP server.

The Trendnet router is obviously a router plus DHCP server.

If you need to operate a number of these 'gateway router' functions in parallel then disable all but one of their DHCP servers.

When using your computer in ICS/Hotspot mode, connect the computer's network connection to the WAN input of the router. This is quick and easy, but the computer will be isolated from other network clients. The other clients will have access to the Internet.
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Sorry for my lack of network understanding. I didn't explain I have the PC Wan side adapter DCHP enabled and sharing internet and the lan side adapter set up with a static ip but that was set automatically on the lan side when I enabled ICS sharing. I then ran an Ethernet cable from the PC to the wan port on the router. So without the PC set up as a sonos controller does that matter? also, is it pertinent that both the Ipad and iphone I use have static ips?

I will have to learn about NAT and look more understanding DCHP but Im so close to having it work.

Fixing IP addresses means that you are manually managing things. The DHCP server can automatically manage the network, but it can't know that you have manually configured a few clients clients. Therefore, make sure that the fixed IP addresses are outside of the DHCP managed range or that you have reserved a DHCP address for the fixed devices.

For some network administrators, fixing all of the IP addresses is a proud badge of competency. I see it as a pain in the neck, but I realize that there are occasional special situations. My biggest fear is that a user will contact a know-it-all who will suggest that the user factory reset the router. If everything on the network uses DHCP there is a some chance that things will work after the rest, but every fixed IP address reduces this chance. And, the trouble might be delayed for some days or weeks.
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Thanks for the info. Ill check the range and the DCHP assignment explains why sometimes it works.

One thing I am surprised about. Having had an evolving Sonos set up on the boat which has worked great with no bad experiences, and a home network that has had no problems whatsoever why not advertise the "no ethernet cable" solution as an option for the strictly wireless crowd? Are there too many configurations that could lead to a soiling of the good brand they have built up?

Also, what are the chances for outdoor speakers in the future?

Thanks again.
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Boating out on the open water often results in no internet connection. Have you found it problematic to have a player drop out or try to add a new device only to find you are unable to because the new controller app (circa 2017) now requires that you login via the internet before you can add anything to your SONOS system?