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How big?

I was wondering if someone could let me know what are the dimensions of the packaging for one of the starter kits. Regards Meerkat

Does it work with Mirra personal server?

Does anyone know if Sonos works with the Mirra personal server (sold at BestBuy)? I dont have a computer in my house, I use two laptops and the Mirra. I suspect I should just purchase a desktop com...

UK Bulk Buy

Head over to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ukha_d and look at the recent messages - they are organising a UK Bulk Buy of the Sonos system.

which market are you going after sonos?

These are exciting times at sonos, and for those of use waiting for the package in the mail. I was hoping to understand a little bit more, "a roadmap" if you will of who you are and where you are hea...

Shipping to Canada

What's up with shipping to Canada? I placed my order a week ago - was told the next day by billing department that it appeared it had been shipped. Then I just spoke to someone today who said that it...

Which Network Attached Storage?

According to the product page, the music played by the Sonos Digital Music System can be pull music from a PC or a Network Attached Storage box. The NAS option is very cool because it means you can h...

remote control

Greetings, I would like to use my existing preamp. Is there any way to "train" the handheld controller to operate the volume control on my preamp? Thanks!

Iomega and sonos, does it work ?

Hi Guys, I was thinking about buying a Iomega 250GB Network Hard Drive. For info: http://www.iomega-europe.com/eu/products.aspx?productId=HDD250GBNetwork Can I play my mp3's directly from this netwo...


This product is exactly what I have been waiting for !! only problem is I live in the UK and can not find anywhere that I can get one Is there any stockist in the US that would ship to the UK o...

Typical outdoor Range

Waht would be the typical outdoor range. I want to go from a deck at the house down to my dock. Thanks in advance, :confused:

Speaker recommendations

Long time watcher, first time poster... I am awaiting my intro bundle and I'm prepping my house for newly minted zones. My question to the forum us this, I need some good speakers for my 2 Sonos ZPs...

Mutli-room Recommendations

Hi all, I am looking for a recommendation. I want to have 4 sets (8 total) speakers on my first floor all as one zone. Ideally I could control the volume of each set of speakers individually or as a...

Web interface?

The Sonos system looks very impressive and it's an elegant solution. I do have a few concerns, however. I can't find anything about a web interface posted anywhere? Most home audio/media server pr...

Newbie Questions

Just a couple of questions please regarding the product, I don't have one yet, I'm in the UK, but it certainly seems to be exactly what I've been looking for for the last couple of years. 1) Multi so...

I need the 1st zone to be wireless

My computer and stereo are in 2 different rooms. I have a 802.11g/b network set up with a variety of wireless devices incl. pocket pc, roku 1000, etc. I want to be able to place the player in the d...

Question regarding power supply

I noticed from the pictures of the ZP http://www.sonos.com/products/zoneplayer/images.htm that it comes with a three pin power lead (like a PC lead) and that it has an orange switch next to the powe...

Lifecycle of product / supported formats

At this time I am a prospective buyer. I have pretty much made up my mind that the ZP is the better product than the other device that I am considering (Sound Bridge), but this is not the topic of thi...

UK availability?

I suppose the title speaks for itself...can anyone tell me if the products are available to buy yet in the UK and if so where from?

Can the Controller function as an always-on display?

One of the things I like about Audiotron (I own one), Squeezebox, and Roku is that these devices always display the info for whatever song/artist is playing. So you can glance over at the device at an...

New ZP and controller

Should I get 1 V1 bundle for now and wait a bit to buy 2 other Vx bundles in case they come with new ZP and/or controller? V1 may not be around for too long...

Bundle Software Release

Which software version comes with the bundle? How to update the software if NAS is the only setup? I am getting mine soon and just wanted to be prepared. Thanks... Audioman

Getting a stable Sonos network...

I live in an apartment that isn't much fun to wifi (thick concrete floors, split level). It's taken me one airport base station and 4 airport express relays just to get a decent signal everywhere (an...

Multiple Sources

Hi Is it possible to have multiple sources? I'd like to connect my Hifi, Satellite and Mp3 server but the zoneplayer only seems to have one input. If I connect different sources on different zoneplay...

Availability - no bundles in stock ?

Hi Want to order 3 Bundles - but the site is showing as no stock. What's the lead time for the bundles to come back into stock ? Regards


Hi everybody, i´m really looking forward to get it in Germany... We build a new house with a network port in every corner and moved in 3 months ago. CD´s are ripped and server ist ready... Thought...


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