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New ZP and controller

Should I get 1 V1 bundle for now and wait a bit to buy 2 other Vx bundles in case they come with new ZP and/or controller? V1 may not be around for too long...

Bundle Software Release

Which software version comes with the bundle? How to update the software if NAS is the only setup? I am getting mine soon and just wanted to be prepared. Thanks... Audioman

Getting a stable Sonos network...

I live in an apartment that isn't much fun to wifi (thick concrete floors, split level). It's taken me one airport base station and 4 airport express relays just to get a decent signal everywhere (an...

Multiple Sources

Hi Is it possible to have multiple sources? I'd like to connect my Hifi, Satellite and Mp3 server but the zoneplayer only seems to have one input. If I connect different sources on different zoneplay...

Availability - no bundles in stock ?

Hi Want to order 3 Bundles - but the site is showing as no stock. What's the lead time for the bundles to come back into stock ? Regards


Hi everybody, i´m really looking forward to get it in Germany... We build a new house with a network port in every corner and moved in 3 months ago. CD´s are ripped and server ist ready... Thought...

Questions before I buy

1) How many songs is the system capable of indexing? What are my options if I have more songs than that number? 2) How would I use the controler to search for a particular song title or keyword? (I d...

Wireless Protocol Support

Hi, I am thinking of buying the Sonos Digital Music system, but wondering whether I should wait till it has built-in support for 802.11n protocol where the bandwidth and distance is greatly increased...


I am probably gonna be ordering one of your bundles soon but would like to see the documentation. I recall reading somewhere that you indicated the documentation would be posted to your site as soon...

Existing 802.11g network / security

Hi. Looks like an amazing product, but I have a few issues that needs clarification before I purchase a set.... 1. I have an existing 802.11g wifi network. Will sonosnet and the existing net interfer...

Sonos and the Buffalo Terabyte NAS

If you get Sonos and then get the http://www.buffalotech.com/products/product-detail.php?productid=97&categoryid=19 you will have a really nice setup that can meet your needs for a long time down the...

MacWorld Impressions

For those lucky enough to check out the Sonos Digital Music System at MacWorld, please feel free to share your impressions with the rest of the community. Reading about the product on the website is...


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