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Discuss Beam, Playbar, Playbase, and the entire Sonos home theater experience. How do you set up a Sonos 5.1 system? Which Sonos work with your TV? Ask your home theater questions here.

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airport and sonos dropout

so I have reviewed quite a number of the posts and understand a little of the big difference between sonos and airplay/airport. I currently stream using my desktop MAC as a NAS and sonos work seam...

Sonos Line In Delay?

If I play music on my normal stereo and have sonos connect/zp90 or similar connected to the line out of that stereo and play that signal out in the other zones won't I get an echo/delay in the other z...

Video Streaming

I've used the Sonos device for a few hours now. I love it. I love it a lot. I wonder if they are making the next version of this device to support video streaming.. you must.. you must.. And,...

Play 5 as front speakers

Has anyone setup a home theater using a pair of Play 5s as the front speakers using the line in jacks ?

Sound interruption/breaking up

Just bought 2 ZP90s & 2 Play:5s. Set up the ZP90 next to my modem. Its in a closet. There is a receiver, appleTV, cable box, AT&T Uverse modem & Blu Ray player in the closet. Added the 2 PLay:5s - o...

Sonos: Roadmap

I really wish the Sonos would lift the viel of secrecy with their items. I know Sonos likes to mimic the Apple way of marketing and syling, but I don't think it behooves them the same way that it doe...

New Deck. Looking to get started with Sonos.

Hi everyone, I just started researching Sonos and am trying to figure out how best to get started. We're having a deck installed on our townhouse and would like to be able to play music on the deck,...

new construction

I am building a new condo - main floor and finished basement (walk out). I want four inside zones and one outside zone. One of the four inside zones should be a home theater set up with seven speaker...

Sonos to develop a home theatre product.


Add video support!

Video support. You've got the hardware. You've got the software. Add the HDMI output...

Digital sound for home theater

I have a Digital Sound Projector for HDTV. Can I use a new ZP to send audio to inwall speakers that are currently controlled by a ZP. Can I connect the DSP to a new ZP and distribute the audio to the...

Sonos and Video Distribution

I am building a new house, and for purposes of my Sonos system, I am having my structured wiring outlets go into closets next to the rooms for which I have ceiling speakers, and having the speaker wir...

Using Sonos in HT setup -- subwoofer connection

I've had my Sonos (5 ZonePlayers, 2 Controllers) for about a month now and I can truly say that it has changed how I listen to my music collection. This product is absolutely phenomenal! Now, onto...


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