Adjust Volume of Playbar and one Play5 with TV Remote Control?

  • 29 November 2015
  • 4 replies

I have a Playbar and one Play5 in my Living Room. I do not have the possibility to place a 2nd Play5 in my Living Room. Therefore I cannot add the Play5 to the Living Room Setup of the Playbar and instead have "Living Room 2" for the Play5 which I group with the Playbar.

Is there a way to make the TV Remote Control also adjust the volume of my Play5?
Can I pair it somehow in the same room with my Playbar and control it with my TV Remote Control?

Thanks for your help!

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4 replies

You also posted onto another thread on the very same topic. The answer's still the same.
You also posted onto another thread on the very same topic. The answer's still the same.
The other thread was talking about a connect amp.
Is it the exact same issue with the Play5 and Connect Amp?
You mentioned there is an Idea section, can you guide me where I can find an raise this?
It's the same issue. The TV remote controls local PLAYBAR volume; what you'd want is to have it controlling the group volume, irrespective of Player type.

As for the Ideas section, that was an older thread which dates from an earlier incarnation of the Sonos forums. On this board there isn't an explicit area for feature requests.
New to the forum, but I agree with horstenson this should be an easy feature to add - a simple SW switch to allow volume control of PLAYBAR via TV remote to change/mute volume of PLAYBAR (and bonded SUB/SURROUNDS) only or PLAYBAR plus any grouped devices. When having a group of people over and music throughout a large area, this would allow anyone to change volume throughout, not just the homeowner with the app open. Is there a place to submit feature requests?