Directv Genie remote with playbar

  • 13 October 2013
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I have a playbar connected to a directv genie box with an optical audio cable. Once I program my genie remote to the playbar all of the buttons (volume up, volume down, and mute) all increase the volume. I checked Sonos "How to program common cable boxes" page. But the menu steps Sonos wants me to follow aren't available on my screen. Specifically "Setup program audio device" and "Follow OSD and learn in Denon......" Steps. I recently switched from a led tv to a projector so I don't know if that is part of the problem.

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8 replies

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Hi User941799,

You will have to re-learn in the new codes into the PLAYBAR. 

To re-learn new codes into the PLAYBAR, go into the PLAYBAR settings and select TV Setup and Control.

Once here, select Remote Control Setup. This will walk you through the initial remote control setup process. 


Daniel H. 
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I am having the same issue with this DTV remote.  I have tired "re-learning" several times without success.  Please help.
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First - you need to setup the Genie remote to control your TV.  You have to go through the setup procedure to setup your TV with the remote.  Then after the remote is setup using the Directv instructions you then go through and follow the setup for the Playbar.
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Chris, you are the man.  Thanks!
did this work for you?
I am having the same issue with this DTV remote.  I have tired "re-learning" several times without success.  Please help.
I changed my genie (directv) remote to IR and my HP remote already is IR, but it only recognizes the vol+ button when pressed in step one. Step two when asked to press vol+ 3 times, they light on the playbar lights up each time but then i get a message it did not recognize the button. Same for box genie box and tv remote. I hate having to use my phone or tablet for tv remote and will return all sonos equipment if i cannot solve this delema, as per wife
This did not work for me. Remote control for Genie is synched with the TV. When I increase the volume on the remote the light on the television blinks but the player volume remains the same. TV is connected to play bar with the small cable provided.
I gave answer here,