Bye Sonos - New Google Home ! It's now 2017!

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So I ranted here: about 2016 issues. This was on top of what I saw from other people. Well, it's now the day. It's a massive ebay sale along with Alexa.

I bought 4 google home's, 2 x Sony (HT-ST9 - with google cast built in), 3 audiocast dongles, dumped apple music in favor of sonos, and it all work's. It's truly multi-home. I created zones and now my google home projects music where I want it, how I want it, in overlapping zones if required. The last insult was the release of the playbase with optical only support. Just had to post to let you know that I would follow up on this. Sony is embracing updating their tech through software with google home (shocking, but you might as well trade spots with them).

Best of luck and good luck!

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I've bought a google home and I'm waiting for the 2 systems to work together.

If not, the choice will be easy, on one side Sonos that looks like stuck in a vision that was great 15 years ago and its difficulties to adapt and keep up with the world, and Google with the potential and span of services I can expect.

It is sad, I have had Sonos for many years now, but the wheel is turning, and I want to stay up to date, not old enough to stay behind in a museum.
For me it is all about the music and how it sounds. For some it is all about the gadgets. Each to their own. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Goodbye and good luck.
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It is interesting that a simple single solution has been thrwon out in a hissy fit to replace it with three completely different inferior systems to get the same effect. Which would have three different controlling apps.

Each to their own.
Sonos Speaker quality is infinitely better than Google Home, I will await integration but being both audiophile and gadget guy i’m Displeased with the lag from Sonos. My other option is to go to HomePod, that is going to be a real threat to Sonos and Google home for people that like quality hardware and gadgetry.


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