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Asking to add player(s) to another player/room

Is it possible to do the following? If so, how? I’m listening to something on my Sonos player in my TV room but want to add what I’m listening to on a player in another room.

Alexa and Sonos playlist

How do I add all my sonos music library to Alexa?

Echo dot multi room control

Hi all and hello. If this question is in the wrong place, apologies.. My Sonos account is up to date. My Elexa app recognizes all my devises. I can get music playing from all devices but not at the sa...

Other devices/rooms with same name as a Sonos speaker

Hi there, There's a problem with Alexa+Sonos when the Sonos speaker shares the same name as the room that it's in that includes other devices. Here's where the problem starts: Philips Hue groups bul...

public beta NOT worth the wait or the effort.

despite all the attempts, following all the tips in the forums, my setup plays one song and then stops. the Sonos ads talk about the "experience", well so far my experience has been maddening and con...

Sonos Names and Alexa?

i have two sonos connect devices. (two house scenario) right now i can't get one to work. is the name of the sonos device important? when i look at the connect with the Sonos app it stays "Sonos Li...

Echo Issue only plays current song in queue

My echo will only open Sonos and play the current song in the queue. For example, if I ask Alexa to play Bruce spingsteen in the living room, the only song that will play is the current song in the Sp...

Echo Dot Won't Permanently Forget Some Sonos Speakers

My new Echo Dot paired immediately with the Sonos speakers in 3 different rooms. However, I only want the Dot to control the speakers in one room. I tried using the Alexa app to "forget" the two oth...

Troubleshooting Alexa - Room targeting issues?

Hi everyone, there are some really great Alexa and Sonos troubleshooting steps to start with here for if you're having issues with Alexa. The best step to start with, which we wanted to make sure you...

Changing Stations on Sirius XM

Once you get music playing from Sirius can you ask Alexa to change stations to a given station..like 80's on 8?

Play 5 - Alexa Dot via LineIn - Ducking

Hi there I use my Alexa Dot using the Line In on my Play 5 because i want to hear Alexas Answers trough the Sonos speakers. Sine the Alexa Skill beta, the ducking „feature“ is really annoying to me...

Sonos One general release date

I know the Sonos One is available for pre-order now, to be delivered as soon as Oct.24th, but I am wondering when it will be available in brick and mortar stores. That's assuming that it will be sol...

Sonos & Alexa - Help!!

Hi, I have a play 1 (known as “kitchen”) & a play 3 (known as “dining room”) set up in our kitchen/ family room. I’ve also got an amazon echo dot 2nd generation in the same room. Separately everything...

music Library & Alexa

How do you play music from your Music Library (I have a media server) via Alexa. Only seems to play from Internet?

Dash Wand and Tap

I haven't seen either of these two Alexa-enabled devices referenced. Does anyone know whether either or both will work with Sonos?

Pair of Play 1 speakers not working with Alexa

I have my Sonos system configured to work with Alexa. I can say "Alexa, play Pink Floyd in the living room", and it works. The same is true of my family room. I have a Sonos Connect in the living r...

Alexa echo dot email

Has anyone recieved a voucher code yet from Sonos with a code to get money off an Amazon echo dot device. I haven't recieved one yet

Alexa volume control

Hi.volume control seems to be playing up a bit on my play 3s.Anybody else have alexa say that command is not available.Ten mins later it works

Can Sonos be controlled by one of a number of echo dots?

Firstly, apologies if this has been covered before. Question 1 ---------------- I have a house full of Sonos, and currently one Echo Dot in the kitchen. So from the kitchen I can control any Sonos sp...

Sonos & Alexa

I am using an Echo Dot with my Sonos. I can’t seem to turn the volume up or down using Alexa voice command. It says my speakers are not compatible with this command.

Alexa echo dot

Anyone have a UK code that they're not going to use please ?

Unable to begin playback

I was part of the beta and generally things worked fine. Now one of my devices won't respond to Alexa control, the other one still works. When I try playing from the desktop app, the one that won't re...

Echo Dot

So they announce Alexa integration with our Sonos systems. But of course they send a coupon for an Echo Dot after I buy one specifically for my Sonos. The Alexa integration is working well so far b...

Grouped Speakers and Alexa

I have a grouping setup that comprises 2 play:3's, a sub and a playbar, and im trying to make it work with my echo dot. I have other rooms working fine with them (so i can issue voice commands to my e...

Amazon Echo Dot promotion from sonos

Hi anyone getting problems with trying to order and pay for echo dot with sonos promotion code


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