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Alexa and music library on NAS Drive

Hi I have just purchased a Sonos One Gen 2. I use Apple computers and phones. All of my music is stored in a NAS Drive on my network, and is the default music library in my Sonos setup. I am try...

Sonos One with Alexa - In desperation!

3 hours of forums, videos, resets etc and i still cant get Alexa to enable on my Sonos One (Series Two) I have followed every thread i can find including all of the "log out of everything, delete al...

Tried all solutions but still getting "Sorry, that device is offline" from Alexa on Sonos One

As the title suggests. This is when trying to play music, and has been happening for about 10 days now. Example: I say "Alexa play songs by Foo Fighters". She says "Playing songs by Foo Fighters from...

Read so many threads.. Would like a response

ALEXA > SONOS > Plex.... I've asked in the plex forum and was told https://support.plex.tv/articles/203082707-supported-plex-companion-apps/ Per that list of supported companion “receiver” applicati...

Alexa commands now working on Sonos

Alexa not working when I tell it to play music e.g play kiss fm not working or if i say play 90s music. It says it’s doing it then nothing happens! Help! Anyone else having this issue?

Play 3 randomly stops playing

I’ve seen people post about this before but haven’t seen resolution. When I stream music from my phone or from my echo dot song randomly stop playing and skip to the next song. It’s quite annoying be...

routine command alexa on sonos

i gave routine alexa command directly to sonos one. it works well. but why everytime i receivs a sonos message that say it's impossible?

Radio.com being heard as alarm.com

We have 2 Sonos one units. On one of them when we ask Alex to open “Radio.com” she comes back and asks do you mean “alarm.com” on the second unit and a connected echo dot radio.com works fine. I’m...

Apple Music won't play default account

My Sonos Beam has been attached to my Alexa account and Apple music through both the Alexa app and the Sonos app. I have unlinked, deregistered, rebooted, etc. but it still tells me to link my husband...

Tv disappeared in Alexa

Since yesterday my lg tv managed by beam has disappeared from Alexa device list. Am I alone with this problem?

Sonos One Alexa ESP Deprioritization?

Hi all, has anyone else experienced a change recently in prioritization of voice commands to deprioritize Sonos One devices from responding to Alexa queries? I have a mixed setup (3 Sonos Ones around...

Alexa keeps asking to enable the Skill

So I've recently got a Sonos One. Set it up, works fine with the Sonos App, all I want really. Figured I'd give the whole Alexa thing a shot anyway. So I went through the setup. Logged in with Sonos,...

Echo Dot on Play 1

I'm thinking of moving one of my Play 1s into a small room with limited shelf space. I already have a 3rd gen Echo Dot in that room. Is there any reason (interference, etc.) that I shouldn't set the e...

Voice control alarm

I used to be able to turn off an alarm set up through the Sonos controller using Alexa. This seems to have suddenly- a few weeks ago - stopped working. Advice? Anyone else notice the change?

Alexa only partially controls tv, won't turn on or off but will launch apps and control tv

Was working for awhile, I made no changes, then suddenly when I would ask Alexa to turn on the tv I would get "I had trouble communicating with provider check your devices network connection and power...

sonos one alexa skills resume from the start of a track.

Wondering if anyone else noticed this or has any suggestions. On the Echos if you pause and resume an audio skill it resumes from where you paused. The Sonos one always starts from the beginning....

Why it's noth worth the bluetooth on sonos ?

Sonos may play music streaming and music stored on your pc and smathphone through the wi fiSo you will not spend a lot of battery and the quality of sound is much better many peolpe prefer speaker tha...

Bean Alexa whisper mode

At night how can I get Alexa on my Beam to quietly reply. She gets really loud.

Is Sonos beam capable of changing TV inputs viv-a-vis ALEXA?

Please don't respond with links to ALEXA commands - we are beyond the introductory level here. It seems the answer is no. HOWEVER, there are work-arounds. Ive posted this question before. Im providin...

Device offline

I bought the Sonos one in December 2017, telling everyone what a fantastic product this is, how wrong was I. 3 months later it keeps telling me “this device is offline” when I ask Alexa to play anyth...

Sonos Beam Alexa voice control problem

Trying to set up the Alexa voice control in the sonos app But keeps saying Alexa Problem adding, have followed all the forums and a lot of people have had same issue, have re set up deleted apps made...

Trouble with Alexa Group

I have an Echo, a Play 1, a Play 5 and a Sonos One. I grouped all four speakers. The three Sonos speakers will play, but not the Echo regardless of whether I direct Alexa through either the Echo or...

Alexa will turn tv off but only on the Sonos Beam input.

Hi all I've read various threads on this but not sure if a solution has been found yet? I have just installed a Sonos Beam with a Samsung Q9FN, really love it, sounds amazing and looks the part as w...

Right Play:1 responds to Alexa commands ?

Forget it, solved that bit , sorry ;-) Fire HD tablet hiding in the corner responding !

Apple Music support for Alexa on Sonos

Alexa as of today now supports Apple Music. Is there an ETA on adding AM support to Alexa on Sonos?


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