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Alexa in Denmark

No support for vocie control in my country. I use the Sonos app on my iPhone. When I go to voice control it tells me that there is no support in my country (Denmark). When will it be supported?

Amazon Echo only plays through my Sono speakers (in another room)

How do I get the Echo to return to using it's own speaker?

Beam and Alexa control of system

So was thinking of getting the Sonos Beam for the Alexa control. I wanted to know if I got a harmony hub and used with the Alexa built in would I be able to use voice control for most of my system li...

Sonos one

I have a sonos one with Alexa enabled. It worked fine until a month ago. Now, nothing. I have unplugged and restarted and have used the reset button on the back with no success. I have checked the...

Using Play One to play TV from Playbar over other speakers

I have a Playbar connected to my tv and a Sonos One in another room and other Sonos speakers in other rooms. I am able to group rooms in the Sonos ap to play the tv on any other speakers. How do I t...

how to get Alexa Echo Plus to accept voice commands to play music on Playbase and not on its own speakers.

I need help in setting up the Sonos app and the necessary changes in the Alexa App so that I can voice control the Sonos Playbase to play music. At present I can play music through the Sonos App. It a...

Playbase and Alexa

Alexa will not discover my Playbase as a device. It is in the Sonus App in the TV room. I can play music from the Sonus app on the playbase. But Alexa will not play on the Playbase saying there is no...

Voice Commands

I can give voice commands to Sonos. I can listen to radio stations through my Iphone and turn wifi plugs on through phone. Why cant I ask questions.

Fire TV Stick (Audio) --> Echo Dot -->Sonos Play 1

Hi, Is it possible to connect the audio from my fire tv stick to my sonos via an echo dot? Seems like we're close but I have not figured it out. What I can do: 1. I can push the sound from fire...

Using Alexa to control Apple Music features after first choosing song using Siri AirPlay 2

I understand that you can start a song on Apple Music using Siri with AirPlay 2 - once started with Siri you can then ask Alexa questions like “what song is this?” and use Alexa to pause or skip a son...

Sonos One Alexa, responds to command but then falls silent...

Recently got a new router, after setting my Sonos system back up I realised that Alexa would answer average questions but would not play music when asked, Tried reinstalling Sonos system numerous time...

Switching back to TV audio

I have a Sonos play bar and 2 Sonos Ones for the rear channels. If I say "Alexa, play Billy Joel" while I'm watching TV, it switches and starts playing music. That's great. Now I want to return to...

"Sorry, having trouble accessing Radio.com skill"

Our local radio station switching from TuneIn to Entercom (Radio.com). Asking Alexa on an Echo to play our local station works fine. When asking Alexa via Sonos One, greeted with "Sorry, having tro...

Using an Echo Dot - Alexa Routines w/ Sonos One

Hi all, I'm very new to Sonos (have owned a Sonos One for about 3-weeks and I love it!) I have tried searching to no avail. Everything comes back saying that Alexa Routines are unavailable on the Son...

Alexa on Sonos One

i have Alexa on Sonos and also have an Amazon Echo Dot - is there a way to marry them together so as to for example listen to the same music simultaneously on the 2 devices ? thanks

Alexa hears my voice command but doesn't play music on my Sonos One?

Hey community, thanks for your time. We just moved and I set up my Sonos One speaker, changed the WiFi settings etc, Sonos app on my phone is updated already, and so forth. I say "Alexa, play (fill...

alexa stays in "listen" mode - and silences my music

In normal circumstances, when you say "ALEXA," the light comes on, and it turns the music down to listen to you. What I am calling the alexa "listen mode." However, my Sonos One recently got stuck i...

When will Sonos Voice Services be available in Spain

When will Sonos Voice Services be available in Spain

Play One + Echo dot + Play 5

Hello, I have some issues trying to play Deezer music on my sonos through Alexa Deezer is my default music service in Alexa I'm stating my Flow by saying Alexa play my deeper flow in the Living Roo...

Sonos One - Bitterly dissapointed. Return or investment for the future?

Hi, Normally I would not have a title as negative as this but I'm an hour in to opening my birthday present this morning - a Sonos One and rewind a few years when I was a little more hot headed I thi...

Alexa responds to request, but doesn't play anything

Had to re-set up my sonos one due to network change (actually 3 Sonos One's). Now If I ask alex to play something from amazon music, it says, "here's a station from amazon music....." like it did bef...

"We were unable to link Sonos at this time." Alexa message

Trying to connect my Echo Dot to Sonos system. When adding as a skill on the Alexa App, I get to the "Allow Alexa to control your Sonos app" page, it shows that it's loading and then I get to a screen...

Fire Cube and Sonos Alexa Hierarchy

I recently added the Fire Cube to my home setup that consists of Sonos Ones and Play:1s through out. It seems that the Fire Cube takes over when using Alexa and channels all of the audio output throug...

Can I activate a sonos playlist with alexa?

I have created a playlist on the sonos playlist but I want to know if there is a way to access it via alexa. It's a pain in the butt to have to go to the sonos app every time to start it. Then what'...

New to Sonos/alexa

I have Sonos 1. I can play my Amazon Music through the Sonos App on my phone. I can also give voice commands to Alexa such as time of day ect. But I can not get Alexa to play my Amazon Music via vo...


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