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Sonos Skill on Alexa in India

I bought the new Amazon Echo Plus in Mumbai, India and since then have been trying to get the Sonos Skill on it. It just does not show up. How can I get this?

Alexa no longer works after switching from Comcast to Verizon FIOS (New Home WiFi Network)

I have 2 Sonos ONEs that were working fine with Alexa. I switched from Comcast to Verizion FIOS, which, of course, means I have a new home WiFi network. Ever since the switch, I can use the Sonos or S...

Alexa, Play Radio 2

What am I doing (or saying) wrong? Set-up: I have a SONOS Beam, linked to my Apple TV Box via the Optical Adapter HDMI ARC Cable. The idea being, when I'm watching normal TV I use the TV speakers an...

Alexa music not working on Sonos One

When I try to play Spotify music by voice with Alexa, the shuffle mode repeats songs after 2 or 3 different ones. Also, when playing a radio station with the Slacker Radio skill, the same song keeps r...

Sonos Beam, “Sorry that device is offline” fix

My Sonos Beam would not play any music service through Alexa. It would say, “Sorry, that device is offline”. Read a lot of posts but nothing worked for me. Finally, I renamed the room from “Living Roo...

Alexa not changing radio stations

Hello Alexa has stopped changing radio stations. ‘She’ is listening, because I can ask all sorts of things and I receive the appropriate response. The radio station that I want to change to is announ...

Beam starts TV on wrong input when I use Alexa

I just hooked a Sonos Beam up to my Vizio M65-C1. It's hooked up to the one HDMI-ARC port, and CEC is turned on at the TV. I can turn off the TV just fine using Alexa, and I can turn it on just fine u...

Alexa not working

Installed new sonos one worked fine with alexa for 2 days then alexa didnt understand anything. Followed thenusual troubleshooting ie uninstallnturn off router rreinatall blah bla but hey atill not wo...

Alexa doesn't hear me - Sonos One

Hi, I have recently purchased and set up a new Sonos One. I added voice services yesterday and am having difficulties in getting Alexa to respond to ANY questions. I have tried the resetting process d...

Alexa commands not working.

Alexa will no longer start playing radio, Spotify or audible via my Sonos beam. It responds e.g. "BBC radio 4 from TuneIn" but then nothing plays. I've also contacted Amazon in case it's their problem...

Echo dot to control sonos

Hi, I have set up my play 1 and added it to my Alexa app, the voice command allows me to control the speaker but whatever I ask Alexa to play won’t play through it, only through the dot??

Alexa keeps playing Absolute stations

Can anyone help please? I start listening to tracks through Spotify on my Sonos One, but when I ask it to “Skip track”, it starts playing Absolute Radio stations. Additionally, if I’m playing throug S...

Songs One won't play Amazon Music via Alexa after recent update

Since the latest Sonos update our Alexa music connections no longer work. Alexa introduces the song, album or artist and then plays nothing? I've logged out of accounts and re-entered details and st...

Using Alexa to change input on Beam

I have had a Beam now since launch and I love it. I have only recently enabled Alexa for Spotify streaming to my Beam and that works great, bit I am becoming frustrated with having to launch the App...

Sonos and Alexa

Hi is anyone having trouble playing music through sonos speakers with an amazon echo every time I try it just says sorry there seems to be a problem tried reconnecting 3-4 times deleting the app and r...

Alexa has stopped responding

Have removed surrounds and reconnected also updated system. Alexa still wont respond. Please advise.

Cannot stream from Alexa devices to Sonos

I have always streamed Alexa content to my Sonos devices (Play 5 and Connect Amp). There was an Alexa upgrade today and now I cannot stream to Sonos. I noticed from the Alexa IOS app that my Sonos dev...

Sound of silence

I have sonos 1. I ask Alexa to play, she queues it and nothing happens?

Playing the waiting game

Can we have an honest answer here guys. The sonos one has been out now for a year, some new features added to appease some users. Some of us though have been patiently waiting for our sonos one with...

Can I completely disable Alexa and voice control of Sonos One?

I have no interest in "smart" speakers. I just want to use Sonos as a way of streaming audio from my devices. Is it possible to completely disable Alexa and Siri voice control of the Sonos system usin...

Sonos One stopped finding Smart Devices

I have two Sonos One which I have connected to Amazon Alexa. Approximately two weeks ago one of my Sonos devices started responding with "Ï can't find any connected devices" when asked to turn on smar...

Where are the microphone(s) located on Sonos One?

The title pretty much says it all: where are the microphones located? Are the at the top of the speaker? The bottom? Where?

Sonos One and playlists made from CD's

I have made play lists from my old CD's in Itunes. I can see and play them from my computer on my Sonos system. We got a Sonos One (LOVE IT!) and put that by our swimspa. Alexa will play Pandora anyth...

Spotify issue with Alexa app on Beam

I've googled and found a lot of people who've had the same issue as this, but I haven't been able to fix it. I hope someone here can... I'm helping out an elderly lady who asked me for advice on gett...

Can I use a Sonos One / Sonos Play:1 Combo as Surrounds?

Hi guys. I currently have two Sonos Play:1's as surrounds. I'd like to replace one of them with a Sonos One so I can have Alexa in the living room, so my surrounds would then consist of a Sonos Play:1...


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