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Sonos one, rather a disappointment. Sound great though (as I would expect)

Bought a Sonos One today, for a second home. Have many Sonos products at home, but this is on its own in a holiday home. Disappointed to find out that the Alexa will not play my music collection on m...

Sonos/Amazon Alexa - Just Let Me Know When It's In Prime Time !!

Sonos/Amazon Alexa - Please let those of us that have Mulitiple Sonos Speakers in house when your APP and Alexa intergration is ready for prime time. My Setup - Play 5, PlayBase, Sonos One, 3 Sonos P...

Sonus One Alexa is not yet ready for prime time

Hello all (I hope Sonos CS is listening), I am unhappy with Alexa on the Sonos One. I have seven Sonos devices and four Echo devices, and numerous Hue lights and WeMo smart plugs. While the Echo +...

Any way to get analogue/aux signals distributed to Sonos home network?

Hello, I have recently decided to look into Sonos after months of shying away from even looking into how it works etc, so am brand new to the whole thing as well as to this forum. I am going to dive...

BBC Skill not working.

During the week, I automatically received the new BBC skill, for playing BBC radio and podcasts. It works fine on my Echo & Dot - 'Ask BBC to play (station name) works as expected. Not so on my Sono...

Why does RESUME command always default to The Echo Dot?

I am listening to Pandora on Sonos. I tell Alexa to PAUSE. Several minutes pass I tell Alexa to RESUME. It starts playing music through the DOT and not Sonos. Very frustrating. Then in order to hear m...

Has anyone resolved the issue of Alexa on their Sonos One giving the weather forecast for Lakeside??

Despite having set-up my location on the Alexa App, Alexa website and Sonos it still thinks it is in Lakeside rather than my part of the UK. Has anyone a fix for this? BTW it controls music okay on...

Echo Show skill

Do we think Sonos are planning a skill for the Echo Show? I don't know what how much it can do but some on-screen control of music would be cool https://developer.amazon.com/docs/custom-skills/build-...

Sonos asleep

Sonos won’t wake up when i turn on TV with Harmony remote until i use the TV remote, then it turns green and works

Location setting removed after last Alexa update

I assume that this is as a result of the 8.2.2 update as I had set my device location within the Alexa App but now it is missing and I'm not able to set it up again. Things I've tried: - Forget the...

New App and why it lost my Naspster account

I updated to the new app when forced by sonos, It lost my streaming account and I had to restore this. I have naspster unlimited so I also let my Mother and father in law, and my sister in law separat...

Caling people via Alexa who are stored normally on your normal mobile, from the contacts - can it be done (UK)?

I have tried to ask Alexa to call eg. My husband, it says it can not. I thought it could do this? or this only alexa to alexa at present?

setting up Location (postcode etc.) on Alexa app

Every time I go into settings in Alexa app and do the drop downs for location, address and postcode etc.. it lets me do it, I press save and then it reverts back to being empty as If I didn't put them...

2 Ones as stereo pair Alexa on both or one ?

I have 2 Ones in a stereo pair Alexa is working on both but independently sometimes shouting Alexa the left speaker responds other times its the right, it can sometimes be I am standing next to the le...

Multiple users on Sonos

Just got and set up a Sonos One. Can I add Sonos and Alexa apps on my wife’s phone for her to use the system? If so should she use the same user and password as I use on the Sonos and Alexa apps or se...

I think I've made an expensive mistake.

Alexa - what a piece of junk. I'm serious. I ask it to play a group (Cream today) and it will either play one, or if I'm lucky two songs then stop. Or if it does move to a third song it plays rap. R...

Sonos One - Alexa - HUE

I have 2 SONOS ONE, Living Room and Bedroom. Bedroom works fine on Alexa commands for lights. Living room keeps replying Dining room not responding, living room not responding. Bedroom ONE works fi...

The Solution to All Sonos/Alexa Problems!

OK, I exaggerated, this is not a solution to all problems, but for me it did solve several problems, and it resolves several problems discussed on this board. It's not my solution - I read the sugges...

Alexa music related commands - nothing works

Today I updated my iOS app and then it updated my One speaker. Now nothing works regarding music services. "Alexa, play 101.1 FM on Tunein radio" - Alexa responds saying playing but nothing happens. S...

Sonos Play:3, Alexa and Amazon Music Unlimited

Hi, I've bought an echo dot to use with the Play:3 that's in my bedroom. I've had the play 3 for a number of years and it happily plays anything I ask it to from my Amazon Music Unlimited account wh...

Playing music through Sonos using Music databases like SiriusXM, Pandora or Spotify

Look for some who can detail exactly how I command my Echo to play specific SiriusXM radio station though my Sonos system. What does the specific command look like? I.e., Alexa, play SiriusXM radio...

Sonos One Review

Over the past two weeks I have been incorporating a Sonos One into my multiple Sonos and Amazon Echo home environment. I have found the experience to be subpar at best, showing the difficulty of combi...

Sonos One podcasts

How can I use Alexa to play podcasts on my Sonos One

Sonos One: Multiroom and pairing.

Hi guys. New to smart home tech...so please bear with me...!! I currently have the Sonos Playbar in my bedroom and a Sonos One in my lounge; and often Alexa doesnt hear me clearly if i'm in the adja...

Echos and Sonos Playbar

I have two Amazon Echos and a Sonos Playbar. I can play music on the Echos. I can play music on the Playbar. I haven't been able to play the same music on the Echos and Playbar at the same time. I...


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