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Sonos and Alexa don't work

Here is my story. I started with a Sonos Soundbar, Sub, and 2 Play 1's for my entertainment center. I later added Amazon Echo for voice control. Everything worked great, I recently added 2 Play 1's w...

Amazon Dot PLUS Play:1

I have an Amazon Dot and I'm planning on purchasing a complete Sonos system, meaning a playbase, a sub and 2 sonos one. The plan is to have the playbase and sub in the living room, one Sonos one in th...

Sonos One, Alexa, Spotify Family = Nightmare

So I have two sonos one speakers, one amazon account and a spotify family account with 4 people on it. The issue I am having is when we play music downstairs in the kitchen and then my son asks alexa...

Alexa stopped playing music through my Sonos 5s on command. Was working fine until recently.

New problem with Alexa and Sonos speakers (Play 5s). Everything looks good in both Apps, has worked perfectly before but recently Alexa won't play music on a pair of my Sonos speakers when asked. Inst...

Alexa pretty much stopped working and the customer service is incompetent

For the past few days Alexa refuses to pause music (i mainly use Spotify) and also wont skip (it thinks Spotify is Iheart radio). I tried to resolve this issue with customer support via chat but for s...

Playing song from NAS with Sonos by Alexa

Evening. My sonos system is connected to my NAS. I can play every music file from my NAS. Now I bought the Alexa DOT. How do I acces the music files om my NAS. If I give a voice control Alexa is searc...

change or edit Amazon account

I recently purchased a One and am having trouble with setup. This is because I have two Amazon accounts (an old one with a business name and email a new one with my own name, new address and private e...

Streaming music

Hello everyone. I’m pretty new to all of this so I’m wondering what streaming music source seems to work best with Sonos?

Alexa Won't Talk to Me!

All set up; couldn't get the Alexa App on to Mac (should I be able to?) si I Used Sonos App in the 'Skills' section and added from there. When that didn't work for voice recon. I tried my wife's phon...

Finding alexa

Finding alexa

Playlist only playing songs by certain artists

Whenever I listen to a playlist on my Sonos One it only plays the same 5 or 6 songs by 3 or 4 different artists on repeat. I haven’t got the repeat button selected. Even if I select a song by a differ...

Sonos - Alexa and Honeywell issues

Good morning, I have three Sonos one connected to my wireless network. My network consists of 2 x Unifi Wired Access Points downstairs and upstairs in the house. Two of the Sonos are in the chil...

Some TuneIn radio stations do not play with Alexa (KPCC)

For roughly the past week, I have been having trouble streaming KPCC (Los Angeles) with Alexa on TuneIn through my Sonos One. Previously, it was working fine. Other stations seem to work okay, but i...

Road map for voice pickup improvement

Please share your plans to improve the voice pickup for Sonos One. It's so poor when compared to Amazon Echo. I'm considering selling my Sonos One and replacing it with a Play:1 or 3 and connecting a...

Alexa or microphone not working

I set up my speaker 6 days ago and the microphone or alexa has stopped responding. I have unplugged it but no change. The only buttons that seem to work are the volume buttons. All worked perfectly un...

Echo Spot - Picture and title on screen when playing music with Sonos

Hello ! Is there a possibility that one day, in Wifi, an illustration of the album and the title of the song are on the screen of the Echo spot when we listen to the music with Sonos ? Thanks in advan...

Alexa voice volume

Hey guys, I just wanted to say how loud and frustrating not being able to control Alexas voice volume separately on a Sonos One is. When Im going to bed and setting an alarm or turning off the lights,...

Nearest Sonos one doesn’t respond

I have 5 Sonos One speakers in various rooms in my house. Alexa is very responsive and always hears when I am speaking to it and only responds on one speaker. My problem is that it often responds on t...

Harmony Hub Users... Sonos Conflict?

I bought a pair of Sonos One speakers. I set them up with Alexa and everything worked flawlessly for two days. This morning they were working great... but when I got home from work, the Alexa integrat...


I too am very disappointed with the Sonos One I just purchased. Sonos should never have released this product in countries where all of Alexa’s features were not fully supported and functional. What t...

Why does Sonos Play 3 Sound Better When Played From Echo compared to Sonos App

I bought a pair of Sonos play 3 and I play music off of them(in stereo pair) with my Amazon echo, specifically my Amazon music cloud library. This is using wifi, no wires. The sound is excellent. I...

Echo and 2 play:5 devices

Hello, I have 2 play 5 and just got a dot and was wondering what the preferred set up is? Line out running to 1 speaker and use the stereo pairing or just use the Sonos Alexa skill? Thanks

Alexa Audible selection

Just got my Sonos One and I see that within the Alexa App there is the option to connect to my Audible account. My Amazon and Audible accounts are to be linked and was thrilled to see audible, howeve...

Sonos one (lack of) features

Creating a Smart Home not so easy !

Multi room

So.......... I have a sonos one in the kitchen (with built in Alexa). I have just purchased an amazon echo for the bedroom (also Alexa). I can be in the bedroom and ask Alexa to play music in the kitc...


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