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Your one-stop shop for discussing Amazon Alexa with Sonos. How do you add Amazon Alexa to Sonos One or Beam? How do you pair an Echo device with a Sonos speaker? Get your answers here.

New to Sonos or Alexa? How to set up

So you have an Alexa device and Sonos players, where do you go next? 1. Make sure your Sonos and Alexa devices are all powered up and connected to the network. If you're new to Sonos, this means Ins...

List of Alexa Commands

Is there a list of Echo commands that we can use now? It would be nice if ALL of the Amazon Echo Skill’s designer would make these lists and keep them current.

Amazon Echo / Dot and Sonos Integration

So with Sonos integrating Amazon Echo within their eco system a couple of questions: - If I install an Amazon Echo Dot in each room that I have Sonos speakers in will I be able to assign that particu...

Apple Music via Amazon Alexa

I am one of the many I am sure, to have purchased an Amazon Alexa after Sonos recent update. I also signed up to Apple Music once integrated with Sonos awhile back, but I am unable to link Apple Musi...

Pairing a Play:1 with the new Sonos One

Can this be done? Will it sound the same in stereo? I don’t need two microphoned speakers surely.

Alexa responds but will not play music

Alexa responds to a 'play music command' but it does not actually play anything. The Sonos One works fine from the app. Alexa also will tell you the weather etc... just fine. When music is playing...

Echo Dot with Sonos speakers: "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

I have 6 Sonos Play 1 speakers in my house, and purchased an Echo Dot to enable Alexa with my speakers. Here are my initial impressions of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly": ========== THE GOOD ======...

Resolving (the majority of) Issues with Alexa on Sonos

This thread is intended to help get you going if you get stuck setting up Alexa with Sonos, or if you have run into any errors. The setup process does use two different apps, so don’t stress if you’re...

Connect echo dot to sonos play 1 or 3

Hi does anyone know if I can connect the echo dot to the play 1 or 3?

Sonos One Not Responding to Alexa Comands

Just setup the Sonos One. All steps were followed and setup went smoothly, However it is not responding to any commands. It does acknowledge the command where I ask to play music, but doesn't complete...

Alexa + Sonos: How it Works

So you’ve read all about Amazon Alexa working with Sonos and you want to know more. Here’s a rundown of how the integration works. Your Amazon Alexa devices are listening for you to say the wake word...

Alexa Multi-room Music / Audio Groups

I have a new Sonos One that I am adding to home with 2 Echo devices. In the Alexa app I am trying to setup an Audio Group for multi-room music. However, the Sonos One does not show up as an available...

Alexa says she is playing "On Kitchen" but no sound comes out

Hey there; I have a house full of echos, dots and sonos speakers. In general, my Alexa Sonos skill is not working well. For example, I have two Play Ones paired in my kitchen as "Kitchen". When I...

how to get the echo to play through the sonos speakers

Hi I have a black and a white sonos and have now purchased 2 echo dot - but I am wondering how do I get the music from the echo to play through the speakers of my sonos - do I need another lead or is...

How to play iTunes library songs via Alexa voice control

I have Sonos with Alexa voice skill working fine for services such as Amazon Music. However, I can't get Alexa to access any of my imported playlists from iTunes (which works fine via the controller w...

Sonos one Alexa no longer working

Set up a Sonos one a few days ago, was working great, loved it. Got home today and said Alexa play music, but nothing happened. Appears that Alexa stopped working but I’m bit sure why as I didn’t do a...

Alexa is not working on Sonos One

I set up the Sonos One two weeks ago and it connected fine to our existing Sonos system. Alexa voice was also working well. The Sonos One was unplugged for several days, and when I started it back u...

Alexa or Google Home?

I'm considering buying either an Amazon Alexa product or a Google Home product, but can't quite decide. I'll probably go with either an Echo Dot or a Google Home mini, as we're pretty invested in Sono...

setting up multi-room music in Alexa app

I have 2 Sonos Ones (both have Alexa built in)n and a Sonos Play 5. I asked Alexa to play music in bedroom, dining room and family room, then Alexa tells me I need to set up multi-room music on Alexa...

Spotify account doesn’t support streaming on this device

As the title states, have recently purchased a sonos one with the added Alexa voice services. But whenever I try to use Alexa to play music through Spotify it keeps saying that it’s not supported, hav...

Reset Sonos 1

How do i reset a sonos one?

Alexa group command

Can you command Alexa to play music in a group if they have been group on the Sonos app?

Joining the Sonos Echo/Alexa beta

How can I join this beta please?

Alexa and two Spotify accounts

My wife and I have two separate Spotify accounts. Our Sonos apps have our own Spotify account on our own phones. We each have Alexa on our phones. We tend to control our Sonos with Alexa. Alexa will o...

Alexa says "sorry, that device is offline"

not sure which device or settings i need to address to get "that device" online. Everything is connected through my wifi.


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