Alexa is not working on Sonos One

  • 4 January 2018
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I set up the Sonos One two weeks ago and it connected fine to our existing Sonos system. Alexa voice was also working well. The Sonos One was unplugged for several days, and when I started it back up, Alexa did not respond, It appears that the voice services in the Sonos and Alexa apps on my Android phone are active. The system plays music just fine via the Sonos app.

Any ideas on what might be wrong?

Thank you in advance...

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29 replies

I have disabled skills removed from Sonos and from Alexa app nothing work. Alexa responds and says she is playing the requested music on spotfiy and then keeps playing the same track.  Also she will not skip or stop playing music.  Totally frustrated have tried everything ☹️.  Please don’t suggest I have a glass of wine

Perhaps try ending the 'current session’ and also then clearing any room queue from within the Sonos One’s ‘now playing’ screen within the Sonos App and see if that maybe resolves it. If not, then have that glass of wine.🍷

Long time Sonos and long time Alexa user here. First time I setup my Sonos One, it took hours to get Alexa + Spotify + Flash briefing working

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OK. After hours upon hours of resetting Donos and Alexa. No progress. Unplugged and decided to throw it out. 

on a lark I decided to plug it in and try one more time. 

Plugged it in. Waited a few minutes and said “ Alexa! Can you hear me?”  SHE ANSWERED and said “Yes,  I hear you.”  Then, everything worked. 

Now, the only way to wake her is to say “ Alexa. Can you hear me”. 

Go figure.