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New step up help pls

We are currently putting an extension on our house and would like music through the new part of the house. We have an amp and speakers set up in the old part of the house and I understand that we can...

Sonos, Alexa and Deezer

I am thinking of purchased an Amazon Alexa Dot (2nd Generation) after installing Sonos 8. I use Deezer though Sonos, therefore, does it working using Alexa. Reading and watching various items from Son...

Alexa does not work on the ONE if there is any sound coming from the Playbar

I just bought and installed the Playbar and created a surround setup with my existing two Sonos ONE. Only then, I discover something really annoying that was finally able to isolate: -When the TV is...

Will a UK Amazon Echo Dot work with 2 Play 1s in ITALY

Hi All, Have just ordered 2 play 1s for use in Italy. I have searched some posts regarding the use of the Echo Dot to voice control the P1s and can so far find information related to compatibility for...

Alexa always plays last Pandora station instead of the one I give in the command

The command for playing a specific Pandora station is, "Alexa, play (station of your choice) on/from Pandora in the (room name)." However when I use this command Alex/Sonos always plays the last stat...

Sonos and Alexa is it really any good?

Hi I have 4 Connect Amps and was eagerly awaiting the support for Alexa but so far have been disappointed. For a start if I ask Alexa to change radio stations via Tunein it seems to take an eternity t...

In my inbox today - Save $25 on Sonos ONE

This arrived in my inbox today and quite frankly made me a bit ... irritated. How about a $50 credit to those many of us that adopted the ONE upon release the past month only to largely be BETA test...

Alexa unable to play Spotify

I keep getting this error when trying to Alexa to play Spotify via my Play Ones ‘Your Spotify account does not support streaming to this device’ I have followed all instructions in the set up ema...

Echo or Echo Dot with my Sonos System?

I have two rooms, LR with playbar, sub, play1's for tv and music and Kitchen with play1's. Thinking of adding an Echo and not sure what to get, Echo or Echo Dot, since I already have speakers? Sugge...

Sonos One/Alexa unreliable

Just purchased a Sonos One to replace an Echo Dot in the bedroom. So far, I am very disappointed. With the Echo dot, I could talk normally to it and it would work. I could even say 'Alexa' from outsid...

Sonos Listens but Echo Dot replies

Im having a problem of talking to my Sonos One but my Dot replies. The One hears me ie sends the tone i give her the command but like i said my dot which is 8ft further away responds while my Sonos ju...

Technical Support - automatic forwarding of new feature updates by Sonos

I have been speaking with Sonos technical support today and they do not have an automatic way of notifying users of new features available for the Sonos One speaker. I have discovered a couple of feat...

Alexa playing from my Sonos music library

Do you have plans to enable the Sonos/Alexa integration to play music from music library? Most of my music listening is via my local network shared music. Id like to be able to use Alexa to play my pl...

Default Room option?

HI, I have only one room using Sonos. I want to use Amazon Echo to control Spotify, but don't want to always have to say "in the living room" since I only have one room in my system. Is there a way to...

Alexa control for Apple Music

I would like to see the ability to initiate playback from Apple Music via Alexa. Apple Music is the only service that allows me to stream radio to my Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular, so, it is the...

Sonos 1 & Spotify

hello! I've now got Spotify working with the sonos One using Alexa but it seems not as good as Amazone music. I don't seem to be having much luck getting it to play my playlist as it keeps saying can'...

Will Sonos One Alexa Integrate with Control4?

Seeing Alexa launches in Canada on Dec 5th, I can't test this yet. I have 4 Sonos Ones and curious if I'll have any issues integrating Alexa into the Control4 or should I have planned for a bunch of...

Sonos play - Apple Music

When will I be able to use alexia with Apple Music???

Your Voice Functionality Missing

Why Your Voice isn’t active for Sonos One?

Alexa and Amazon Prime Music?

Do I have to use Alexa to listen to Amazon Prime Music?

Sonos one name and Alexa device name question

Can you name a Sonos One to Office and also name the Amazon Alexa Smart Home device the same name as Office ? I know you can’t do it if using an echo or dot, but don’t know if you can if just using a...

Alexa and iTunes library

Can I play my iTunes library through sonos using Alexa ?

The Alexa wake word recognition is terrible

It's been complained about on a few threads, but this is really disappointing. I want a great speaker, that has the Alexa experience I've come to expect from an Echo or Dot. That's what Sonos advert...

sonos, worse mistake linking amazon with your company

sonos 1 and alexa

Can we have a more clear communication of what is expected of the Alexa integration.

I understand there are a few skills and specific items that work with Alexa and not Sonos, for example alexa's Bluetooth pairing obviously. As a sales associate and a everyday consumer for sonos, home...


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