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Alexa/Audible and Sonos?

Just got the new Alexa integration working but where are the Audible Audiobooks???!!! This is my number one use case and been waiting for two years since Sonos broke the previous integration. Come o...

location setting for weather - I don't know your location

Hi all I have two sonos ones with "alexa" both of them did use to tell me the weather in St.Helier Jersey. But recently neither of them do this, I just get "I don't know your location, in future you...

Control Fire TV via Sonos One now available in UK

Amazon have now released the functionality to control Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks via voice control in the UK. (This functionality was only available in the US until now) If you have a Fire T...

Controlling Spotify with Alexa on Sonos one

I have setup two Sonos one speakers (setup the Sonos skill in Alexa, Spotify (premium account) as my default music service, and Alexa as my voice service in the Sonos app). I can ask for music by art...

Plus menu and Voice Services red dot asking to install Alexa

How do I getrid of the red dot asking me to install Alexa on my Sonos One without installing Alexa? I’m really not interested in Alexa and do not want to install it. But this warning asking to take c...

Alexa + Deezer, songs repeat as infinitum !!

Hi everyone.... I can’t believe Deezer + Sonos didn’t make a bigger splash on these forums!!! Either it’s working perfectly with everyone or no-one else uses Deezer !! I have the Deezer Skill linke...

Alexa won't execute commands to play or pause music on SONOS Play1

Just started having problems with my Play1 with built in Alexa to execute commands to play or pause music and change stations that have previously worked with no problems. Alexa responds with a chime...

Sonos has stopped streaming music from Amazon Echo Devices.

This issue is happening frequently. The only workaround for this problem is to 1. Select new ROOM NAMES in the SONOS app 2. And then having the Echo device FORGET the SONOS device name, 3. Then hav...

SONOS ONE is not work in Thailand yet.

I got a pair of SONOS ONE, just because of their VOICE CONTROL. But it turned to be this function can't be used in Thailand. What's the point I got these speakers instead of SONOS Play 1 for just half...

Alexa Spot - Sonos - Spotify - Accounts

Hi all I have scoured the forum, but couldn't find the answer to what I was looking for. It should be simple, but as always with new tech, it isn't I have the following: - Sonos Play 1 - Spotify...

Echo delay when grouping rooms.

I have a Playbase with two Play:1s as surrounds, I also have 2 Ones in a different group. They play music fine with no delay when grouped together but I can't figure out how to get the Ones added with...

Alexa & play 1 at the same time via Spotify

I have the echo dot running through my 5.1 in the living room and I have the play 1 running via a windows 10 in the dining room

Why is Alexa responding on Echo but not Sonos One?

Sonos One and the Echo are both set up through the Alexa app, but when I say her name she only responds on the Echo. If I ask her to play something, she'll also only play it on the Echo - is there any...

Google Play Music support?

Is support for Google Play Music subscription in the works? That's my preferred streaming service and unfortunately I do not see it listed in Alexa supported services. Any plans to add it please?

Sonos - Alexa - Logitech POP - Harmony Elite

I've set up a POP button to run a Harmony Activity which has Sonos play my MP3 tracks on my laptop as a queue with shuffle. The POP starts / stops or Skips forward or Backwards. This seems like an i...

Sonos One vs Echo Dot + Play 1

I have a Sonos One and the sound is great but unfortunately it's lacking the full functionality of the Echo. So I'm looking to replace the Echo I have with another Sonos to get the great sound but can...

Alexa voice control for Amazon music

I've recently purchased a sonos one. I think I've managed to set up my Amazon music to play through the sonos but when I ask alexa to play a song she says unable to find the music. For example "Alexa,...

Alexa control for Apple Music

I would like to see the ability to initiate playback from Apple Music via Alexa. Apple Music is the only service that allows me to stream radio to my Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular, so, it is the...

Nearest Sonos one doesn’t respond

I have 5 Sonos One speakers in various rooms in my house. Alexa is very responsive and always hears when I am speaking to it and only responds on one speaker. My problem is that it often responds on t...

Sonos One - Alexa issues

When I ask alexa to play music on my sonos one, it only plays one track and then stops. please advise.

Sonos Shows as offline in Amazon Alexa App and wont play to Sonos Play 3

Hello, Needing some help, My sonos play 3 is all connected upto Alexa and Sonos however, I cant control it via Alexa as it keeps saying my Sonos is Offline. Sonos is working fine via the Sonos App a...

Alexa only playing one song through Sonos then STOPS

I ask alexa to play an artist in in the living room. The first songs plays... and then nothing..... It seems like SONOS is not playing the alexa Que?

Sonos One W/ Alexa Problems

I have Sonos One with Alexa. I have never been able to use a voice command to get the unit to play or connect to SiriusXM. Sirius is enanbled on both the Alexa and Sonos apps. I can connect and play S...

Not all Sonos Ones behaving the same

I'm experiencing the microphone sensitivity problem on only one of my three Sonos One speakers. It seems to me that if this was a firmware problem, all of the speakers would behave the same. What wou...

Alexa only works when my phone is at home

We just set up a pair of Sonos One with Alexa. Everything works just fine until I leave the house. Alexa will not activate when my phone is not in the house. Is this just a configuration issue or d...


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