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Will Sonos make use of the Play 5 mics?

I have the 2nd generation play 5 which from what i understand has 2 small mics built it that are deactivated. I'm excited about the newly announced Alexa built Sonos One but what about the Play 5 (2n...

Sonos doesn't dim sound when trying to make Alexa commands?

I've been reading that Sonos dims (all) speakers when you make an Alexa command to an Echo Dot. However that isn't the case for me, so if I say "Alexa play Radio 6 in the kitchen" that's great and th...

Best way to get notified when Sonos One and Alexa will work in my country?

Here: "Sonos unveils smart speaker with support for multiple voice services" http://press-us.sonos.com/159680-sonos-unveils-smart-speaker-with-support-for-multiple-voice-services It says US, UK & Ge...

Music Quality

Is the music quality the same when requesting music through an Amazon Echo to Sonos as it is playing directly from the Sonos App? I assume that the Echo simply passes off the instruction and gets out...

Alexa and SiriusXM trouble

I say, "Alexa, play DeepTracks [name of station] on SiriusXM in Library [name of speakers]." Alexa makes a deep tone, and nothing plays.

Sonos one outside fully alexa supported countries

I own an echo dot and I live in the netherlands. It works perfectly well. The only workaround is I have to tell it I live in the UK. I use it in english set to united states, just to be clear. I can s...

Intrinsic Alexa Sounds no longer play on Sonos

I have two Alexa's which are directly linked to Sonos players, One is a Play:5 and another a connect, in both cases the Echo is connected via a 3.5 mm audio cable. After today's update sounds intrins...

Sync Sonos speakers and Alexa

I have successfully hooked up Sonos and Alexa - I can control the speakers via Alexa. Awesome. Now, how can I sync them so the same song plays from Sonos and Alexa? Possible?

Alexa and voice control excuse to be forced into paying for renting music?

It seems to me the wholealexa integration has been deliberately compromised to ensure the full feature set works only with streaming services and not with any purchased or owned media storage. What is...

Is Alexa-Sonos anything more than just a stupid skill?

Alexa is a big ecosystem. It isn't just music. It isn't even mostly music. So is it seriously the case that I can't use my Dot to hear my commands (shopping, weather, podcasts, news, grocery list, tra...

Sonos Play 1 as default Amazon Echo speaker?

I would like my Sonos Play 1 to be the default speaker for my Amazon Echo but so far, yesterday's update only allows me to play music on the Sonos through voice commands. Have I missed a setting or is...

Sonos Line in to amp

I have sonos set up and a fixed input to my amp so the volume is controlled by the amp - can I turn up the amp volume with alexa.

Solution to using Sonos, Alexa and Smart Bulbs in a Room all with the same name

As has been noted, there are issues when you have Sonos speakers with the same name as either your Echo devices, or other smart devices - essentially Alexa doesn't seem to understand where/how to rout...

How to disable the alexa feature?

I'm so underwhelmed by this implementation *no favourites, playlists, Spotify) that I want to disable the feature. So what's the easiest way to do this?

Play music through ALL Sonos speakers using Alexa?

How have Alexa play music on ALL my Sonos speakers (not just one)?

Issue enabling the sonos skill within Alexa app

Having some issue enabling the skill. It asks me to link accounts... So I do. Log into sonos, then I log into Amazon and when it asks to link them I hit continue. Then nothing. No success or fail...

How to get Alexa

So, I have Sonos pretty much all over my house, how do I get Alexa? I assume this isn't going to be an upgrade to my current hardware that I have significant investment in. I haven't really used Al...

Echo and Sonos

Is it possible to play the same song simultaneously on the echo speaker and my Sonos speaker? Essentially using the echo as another “Sonos” speaker in the group?

Alexa Integration - change source input?

Hi there, Just playing around with the new Alexa integration - I have Play 1's dotted around the house, and a Playbar / 2 x Play 1 surround setup in my living room connected to the TV. No problems on...

Alexa for Asia Market

Hi, I'm been waiting for this features for the pass year. And I've see 3rd party websites selling Echo dot in singapore. But with the launch of this service from SONOS, I've too notice is only support...

Sonos Play 1 Software Update to include Alexa?

I've been waiting for a long time for the Alexa enabled Sonos. What I didn't know was going to happen isnthat I would have to buy all new Sonos Ones to get that feature. What I have loved about Sono...

Sleep timer

Is there a way to set a sleep timer for Sonos through the echo itself?

Clashing names

What can I do with clashing names for Alexa devices and Sonos devices ? For example I have an Alexa dot called kitchen and a sonos device called kitchen. When I ask alexa to play it defaults to music...

How do you use Alexa devices separately after Sonos-Alexa setup?

I haven't put the update through yet, but I have two questions before I do. It looks like once the update is done, Sonos becomes the default to respond to an Alexa command. Sometimes I might prefer...

Sonos/Alexa integration

Any news? Will Alexa work with my current SONOS speakers?


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