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2nd Sonos one with amazon

Have a couple of none Alexa sonos speakers, child 1 got Alexa sonos one for xmas, child 2 liked it and just got one for birthday. They work fine on their own, have set up separate Alexa and Spotify fa...

I cannot get any music out of my SONOS ONE speaker using Alexa

I have recently added a boost to my internet for sonos. I have multiple sonos one speakers w/ built in Alexa. I can ask Alexa to play country music. It will tell me that it is now going to play a cert...

Sonos and Alexa Overseas

Hi, I am trying to find a solution to my unusual setup. I am currently based in Japan and would like to use Sonos One with Alexa. I bought Sonos One in the US and tried to set it up. I managed to get...

Is it possible to 'disable' Alexa in the Sonos One?

From a purely audio point of view, the Sonos One seems to be a better speaker than the Play:1 (from reviews, I don't have either). Given that they are currently retailing at the same price point, is i...

Strange Volume Effect with Echo Dot and Sonos

I have an Echo Dot connected to a Connect via analog in...and the Connect connected from analog out to my speakers via a Sonance amplifier. I'm finding that, since starting the Sonos skill, when I ta...

Sonos One and Alexa - can't connect

Hello, I have brought a new Sonos One, and I can’t connect it to Alexa. I have tried everything I can think of. Please can someone help?? All it shows is amazon products on the Alexa app and not the...

Calm Radio with Alexa

I have set up my Sonos so that I can play Calm Radio (I have a subscription) from the Android app. However, if I ask Alexa to play a Calm Radio channel I just get the public service with advertisement...

Alexa in Australia

Alexa is now available in Australia but Sonos still says it’s not available in our country! When will this be available Sonos?

Alexa announces where it is playing

Just got my sonos one and so far so good. However I set it up named living room as I have several echo devices. Now when I say to the sonos play a song it always says "playing x song on living room"...

Ability to command Alexa to play Sonos playlists

I would love to be able to play Sonos playlists by Alexa commands. This seems a natural capability since I spend so much time in the Sonos app. With this functionality I could concentrate all my pla...

Sonos One Alexa not finding stations on TuneIn that work on Echo Dot

"Alexa play Today FM" works with Echo Dot. Alexa replies with "I could not find a station named Today FM" when you say the same thing to Sonos One. Thoughts? This is just one example the same thing ha...

So is amazon echo support canada

I see a lot of threads on this topic, but nothing official. Unless I missed it buried somewhere. When can we expect sonos skill integration for iPhone with amazon echo in Canada? I see some threads...

Routines workaround? Is there a macro record control for Alexa?

Hello, I noiticed the Routines cannot control the Sonos, and therefore, I can't get it to both turn off the lights and play music. I want Alexa to turn on a playlist, turn on shuffle mode, turn the v...

Playing Alexa Skills through Sonos

So we're all thrilled to finally have this connectivity between Sonos and Alexa. A question: when I ask Alexa to do a skill that requires playback (like "Alexa, play my Flash Briefing") can this play...

How to play from pandora using sonos one and alexa?

My Sonos account is linked to my Pandora account and I can play Pandora stations using the Sonos app on my phone. But if I ask Alexa to "Play whatever station on pandora" she responds "I didn't find...

Sonos One and Google

Once Google Assistant is available for Sonos One, will I be able to use it on my existing Sonos One or will there be a new product introduced to accommodate Google Assistant?

Sonos one voice control Spotify family premium

I'm having problems does anyone know if it's possible to use voice control to play music from different Spotify family premium accounts? As all set up on my husbands phone but when I try and set up Al...

Samsung TV Remote no longer does volume with Alexa installed

Since I added echo dots to my system the samsung remote (TV: UN65JS850DFXZA) no longer adjusts volume. Neither does Alexa. I have to go into the Sonos app on my phone to adjust volume. I just want my...

Alexa Dot Upstairs Sets off Alexa on Sonos One in living room

Just wondered if anyone else is having any issues. This only started happening after the latest update. When in the bedroom and using Alexa it stops the music/tv in the living room downstairs really s...

Sonos One + Alexa + NPROne

I have a Sonos One and I am trying to use the NPROne skills for Alexa. When I say "Alexa, ask NPR One to play the latest news" Alexa responds "Okay. Playing latest news" and then nothing happens. I kn...

Question on Functionality

I currently have a Sonos One and a Play 1. The Sonos one is in our open concept living room/dining room/kitchen while the Play 1 is in the kitchen, about 25 feet away from where the One sits. If I'...

Alexa volume control

I don't have any problems with any voice control commands after setting up Alexa except volume control. "When I say Alexa, turn up Living Room" Alexa responds with "Living Room doesn't support that"....


I have 2 play 1 and 1 play 5 speakers. I'm thinking of ordering the 2 play 1 speakers that are currently on offer. Will they and the Alexa system fit in with and be able to control the speakers I alre...

Sonos One hurting the Sonos brand

I have 13 Sonos products in my home. Needless to say, I love Sonos. When Sonos One was released, I definitely saw the advantage of adding Alexa to the mix. So I bought a pair of Sonos Ones to add one...

Changing music sources without the app

Is it possible to change music sources (ie radio channels) without opening the app and changing there. I assume Alexa can do that. Is that correct. I ask this because the Bose, for example, has 6 pres...


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