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Alexa won't change song anymore on Deezer

Before Christmas I was able to start Deezer playing from my phone and tell Alexa to play next song. Now she says she can only change playback mode when music is playing. Why has it lost this ability a...

Sonos Boost and Alexa

Due to WiFi interference in my home causing problems with my Sonos speaker system I added a Sonos Boost. This worked very well in improving the stability and availability of my speakers. It did, how...

Amazon household & Spotify accounts on Sonos one

Hi I'm just getting to grips with my Sonos One and Alexa in general and have hit a bit of a dead end today whilst trying to get my wife's spotify account set up on the speaker. I have my Sonos accou...

No Sonos skill in Alexa app

Hi, I recently got a Sonos play one and I want to use it with my Alexa echo dot. But when I go into skills there is no Sonos skill. Is there another way to link them or something else I should be doin...

Can't link Alexa to Sonos.

I've tried linking the Alexa Sonos skill to my account and the Skill points me in the direction of "More/Settings/My Sonos Account" in the Sonos app. It then asks me to confirm my email which i do and...

Sonos One - Cannot add Alexa

I've been trying to add Alexa and have not been able to by following the prompts on the Sonos app. I get to the screen that says "Steps to set up Alexa" - then hit the "connect your amazon account" an...

Multiple Sonos separate wifi

I have a 3 story townhome with multiple Sonos, Play 1(2), Sound bar, amps, Play 3 etc. on different floors and I use Amazon Echo on the floors too. I do have a son that lives with me and was using an...

Spotify account doesn’t support streaming on this device

As the title states, have recently purchased a sonos one with the added Alexa voice services. But whenever I try to use Alexa to play music through Spotify it keeps saying that it’s not supported, hav...

Popping Noise while listening to music

I have bar, two ones and sub connected to new Samsung TV. When listening to music and tv off I continue to get a loud pop noise periodically. Any ideas how to correct or what cause? I may return sy...

Sonos One and Alexa

I’ve just purchased two Sonos Ones, for the kitchen and living room. Got them both set up, but Alexa will only work in the living room. Can see in the Alexa app, that both locations are shown, but can...


Hey, I purchased my Sonos One today and have been going through the set up. I was having a lot of issues connecting it to my spotify as it was saying everything was linked but when I would ask Alexa...

how do i switch amazon accounts on my sonos one

i deregistered my device on my sonos one through the alexa app thinking it would then allow me to register it on a different one, now it skips over the amazon sign in and auto connects to my old acoou...

Texting through alexa

After creating a list through Alexa on SonosOne, can Alexa text or email the list to another device?

Amazon Echo, Dot and Home System query

I wanted to get a answer to a couple of questions I have with the Sonos/Echo/Dot integration: I already have an Echo which is currently in the bedroom and am thinking of expanding the home system to...

Sonos One/Alexa

I am trying to get Alexa working through the Sonos app for my Sonos One. When I try to set it up the only option it gives me is “Connect your amazon account.” When I click on that it takes me to my a...

Grouping Alexa Echo Speakers with Sonos speakers

First of all this is not a request to support grouping sonos with sonos speakers for particular rooms, rather this is a request or an inquiry to find out if there are any plans (or rather that there s...

Built in Alexa doesn't work...

My new sonos one with alexa has no Alexa function. Went through all the back and forth set up with both app's. The speaker hears when I say Alexa and that's it. Never get a voice back saying ok or any...

SonosOne / Alexa does not see the new names of other devices

I have just added a SonosOne to my system. I also have a PlayBar, a couple Play:1 and a Play:3. To try to allow Alexa to control my other Sonos players, I renamed them to new names more reasonable t...

Sonos group vs Alexa group

Hi, I hve multiple Sonos products (Play1, Play3, Connect Amp)....I can setup "whole house"group in the Sonos app. But, I can' see how to set up "whole house" that Alexa will recognize? I also posted...

Connecting Sonos to my laptop

I can't get my windows laptop to transmit sound to the sonos 1. They are both hooked up to my wifi network and the network is 2.4gz.


I do not have or want Alexa. I have several Sonos speakers and playbar. I have not updated since I do not agree to being spied on in my home. I saw how Sonos update controls the mic setting within its...

Sonos One to voice control Amazon Fire TV Stick

Having just purchased the Sonos One and being extremely pleased with everything so far. I've tried to get Alexa to control my Amazon TV Fire stick. The Alexa app shows the fire stick but i cannot get...

Sonos One and Alexa iOS App

Hi, I have the Sonos One and am attempting to pair it with the Alexa App on iOS, well... I am able to add the Sonos to my "Smart Home Devices", however if I go to the settings then it displays as "Of...

Multiple Sonos One's with Spotify

I just got three Sonos One's and setup them up. Each one is in a different room and will be controlled independently. I tested out trying to use Alexa to start playing from Spotify. I discovered that...

Sonos one using Alexa app

I’m unable to link my new sonos one to the Alexa app. I’ve set up as per instructions on the sonos app and have downloaded Alexa app and have tried to link via the skills tab but am told to go to devi...


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