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V1.3 - Disc number tag

I've just updated to version 1.3 and it all works great. Having the read the V1.3 software update description, it seems the disc number tag is supported. I use iTunes (on Windows XP) to rip my CD's...

v1.3 - fixed/variable line output; improved scroll wheel?

Very pleased to see v1.3. Once again, Sonos is also listening! Two quick points: 1. Perhaps I misunderstand the new fixed/variable line output (so labeled on Controller menu) parameter. When I se...

Gapless Play?

I paged through this forum and didn't see this mentioned, and search doesn't seem to work in Firefox so here goes... I submitted a question to support at Sonos regarding gapless play. That is, I list...

When was the last firmware update?

I have seen all of the suggestions. Several of them are important to me. I'm assuming that the release date of the next update is kept private until time. Just curious when the last one was.

A small fix for next firmware update

It's such a minor issue that I even hesitate to raise it.... When music is playing and I want to change the volume, if the remote has gone into screen saver mode, I need to push THREE keystrokes to a...

Entering light sleep immediately / alarm?

Hi all, I have a sonos controller in my room, on my nightstand. I love this as it lets me play music right when I wake up. However, I also like playing music before going to sleep. The problem here...

Total songs indexed

How do you determine just how many mp3s the Sonos system has indexed?

Update PLEASE!!!!

How much longer do we have to live with the bugs this system has. Is there ANY indication of an update for the firmware OR the desktop controller?

Turning off music

This maybe a stupid question but I could not find a way. 1. If I am listening to internet radio and want to turn it off. Is the only way to do this is to hit pause? 2. If I am listening to music t...

CD Artwork

Hi all, Just a quick question. I have updated some artwork on my Nas and the changes have taken effect on the controller, but not on the dekstop software? Why would this be the case? It does appea...

Jump to "Play Album"

Had my Sonos for a few days and was wondering... If you are playing a track from one type of playlist, say be artist, is there some way to switch at that point to play the album from which it came ? T...

Artist Labels

Can anyone explain why it is that when you are browsing in the music library under artist, that all of the bands with a "The" in their names (The Clash, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles) appear as Clas...

So, what's new in the next firmware update?

This is a bit unorthidox, but I figured there's no harm in asking: What can we expect with the next firmware update? There have been tons of suggestions over the past few weeks/months, some of them...

How do I backup my playlists?

Does anyone know where the files are located? Which file is it within the Sonos folder with in ProgFiles? I do not see anything that appears to be correct. I am rebuilding my PC and need to make su...

What's the displayed resolution of Sonos album art?

I know what the maximum supported resolution is, but to save on bandwidth & increase speed, I'd like to know at what dimensions, dpi, color depth, etc. the controller actually displays the cover art....

What is the maximum range for the remote?

Hey-all, I am planning on getting a Sonos system, but I am curious what the maximum usable distance would be... Also, will does it have to be aimed directly at the ZP? Can I use it around a corner?...

Desktop Controller Questions

I've been interested in the Sonos system and have been reading these forums. I have read about the desktop controller. Does the desktop controller have the same control over the Sonos system as the...

Does the controller show artisit/title for radio?

I was curious if the controller shows the artist and title for most of the internet radio stations. Do some stations offer more info. like album cover art or any other stuff?

Web Interface

For those of you that can run a web server(specifically TomCat), is there any intrest in a web interface that is used to control sonos devices? I'm currently working on one for my own use, and was wo...

Do you have "mushy" soft keys? [picky question]

Just got my starter package yesterday. The first thing I did as soon as I got the uncharged controller in my hands was to press every button and make sure they felt OK. What I discovered was that the...

?Role of the PC?

A couple of questions. Suppose you have a big NAS, a PC, and a ZP all hardwired to your router. I assume you need the PC originally to index all of your tunes. 1. Once you order up a song and the ZP...

Uh oh - controller in 'slo-mo'

Still playing with (and loving) my new Sonos system but something weird just started. My hand held controller graphics started moving in slow motion. It takes several seconds to move from screen to...

Controller & left-handed people ...

Not sure if this has been covered before ... couldn't find anything in the Forums. We recently purchased the starter pack with 2 zone players and a controller, and I have to say great system The o...

Charging the controller

I just purchased the cradle and installed it in the kitchen. Is it ok to leave the controller charging in the cradle all the time? Will over charging kill the battery?

Charging Cradle via sonos website for europe

When will the cradle be available for purchase via the sonos website (european customers)? I have seen other threads with statements such as "Mid October" or "Stuck in customs". Can sonos provide me...


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