Music Library and playlist creation

  • 9 April 2024
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I am importing my music library from an external hard drive. For some reason, it maxes out and I get a message to clear or delete playlists. I then realized that the system is creating an automatic imported playlist on SOME of my imported library - but not all. I think SONOS is reading the playlist tunes and double counting the songs and then it creates the limit of items i can add.


One - why is this happening. I called and spoke to a SONOS rep and was given some crap about iTunes. This is not an iTunes issue. iTunes isn’t even loaded on my laptop and this is music i downloaded or burned over the years. 

two - can i create more than one library to see if this can be avoided? I have most of my music transferred but it caps out for what I believe is this imported playlist issue  

1 reply

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Can you move your playlists off the drive you are importing from to get the import to run to the finish?


I’m not sure how many Music Library links you can have but it looks to be at least two and possibly more. The FAQ doesn’t say.