Feature Request - Dynamic island

  • 23 September 2022
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Feature Request in regards to dynamic island. 

Currently, for iOS users you must open the Sonos app directly in order to navigate any controls. Allowing access to dynamic will provide minutes saved to use the control settings. This can include skip to next track, go back a track, grouping of speakers, change playlist or services being used. There are often times I need to pause quickly and I have to go through the standalone Sonos app to turn off. Just a thought for us iOS users.

23 replies

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Hi @Brbray5 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thank you - I've marked this thread as a feature request and it will be seen by the relevant teams for consideration. Keep the ideas coming!

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Please can you add dynamic island and lock screen controls to the iOS app like the Spotify app has.

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Please add lock screen controls and support for the Dynamic Island… PLEASE!!!! It only makes sense to add these features to Sonos.



I’d love to see dynamic island functionality added to the Sonos app.  Thanks!

I would also love to see these features added. 🤞

Second this! It would be great to have this feature.

Totally agree that Lock Screen and Dynamic Island support need to be standard for the Sonos app on iOS. 

Occasionally, the album artwork will show up for me from the Sonos player in the Island. However, the audio bars animation never works. It appears to be very buggy, sadly like the Sonos speakers themselves. 

I expect more from Sonos at this price point ! It‘s been months since the release of the Dynamic Island and years since the Lock Screen … so why isn‘t the app delivering ? 

Dynamic island - yes please!!!  I’m shocked it’s not supported already.  

Please consider this enhancement, would seriously improve the usability of Sonos!

+1. I was using the Sonos app yesterday and just thinking how nice of a feature this would be to have. I have become so used to it when listening to Podcasts, Apple Music or Spotify that the Sonos app now feels dated that they haven’t added support yet. 

Please yes! Integrate fully with iOS. Volume when locked + dynamic island are must haves for such a high end product 

+1, agree with all the above. Lock Screen and dynamic island controls would be great. Lock Screen used to be in place a few iOS additions ago so hopefully can be restored as iOS becomes more open. 

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This a must for an app like Sonos. I can’t believe it doesn’t already exist. 

I think I finally figured this out.  I turned off automatic AirPlay. Don’t know if this will work for others but it work for me… I’ve been complaining about this for years. 

You turned off automatic AirPlay 2, and your dynamic island started to show data from Sonos?


The topic is 1 year old, SONOS , please implement the needed changes! We love your products, but they are being held back by this oversight on the user experience part on iPhones.

Such an obvious requirement.

Sometimes it seems to work other times it doesn’t. The formal feedback from Sonos is that you have to close down apps that are using Dynamic Island, then Sonos can use it. HOWEVER - it always works with Spotify, so why not Sonos??!

Spotify is a player on your iOS device, Sonos is a player on the speaker, and the Sonos app is merely a remote control?

That should not prevent a correctly designed Sonos app from using Dynamic Island 

How is it 2024 and this doesn't exist? I wish I could just cast from other apps and I wouldn't have to even just the Sonos app. So at least make it so that I can control audio intuitively.

I have just arrived in the Sonos universe and I am very surprised and disappointed that there is neither support for Dynamic Island and lock screen. It’s a huge lack…

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How is it 2024 and this doesn't exist? I wish I could just cast from other apps and I wouldn't have to even just the Sonos app. So at least make it so that I can control audio intuitively.

What is stopping you from using Airplay to your Sonos gear?