I cannot add Rayo to my services

  • 14 December 2023
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I’ve tried adding Rayo to my services on Sonos, to replace Planet Radio. I just get the message saying Check your network connection - if that’s ok try later (paraphrased). My network connection is fine and I can add other services.

I have checked my location is Uk in my account. Also did the thing where you choose another country check for updates, change back, check for updates again, restarted, everything.

30 replies

I have the same issue! I’m in Jersey, Channel Island but changed my Sonos registration address to UK. I spent 2 days, on and off, on live chat with Sonos, we went through EVERTHING. Nothing worked. I was using Planet Radio previously to listen to Jazz FM Premium subscription on Sonos and it worked fine. Soon as it switched to Rayo I got the error message - not being able to add the service.

I have no prior knowledge about the VPN thing but may need to research! 

I am also chatting to Krisha to no avail so far (which is interesting as they didn't tell me it was an existing problem that others are having too - that would be helpful) - so it’s obviously their issue - and not our (the customer) user-error! 

Char x 

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k9surf… I have fuly documented the issue and Krish at GHR has responded that she will press Rayo for a response / fix.  So it does look as if the problem is at their end, not Sonos. 

Fingers crossed, they will get it sorted soon. If not, then it’s just down to incompetence - as the issue has been spelled out for them now.

This appears to be fixed now! Well done to those persistant enough to get to the bottom of this.

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Really glad to hear that, PaulCalf.  It does seem, though, that this is the nature of the beast - i.e. doubt over whether the problem is on the sending or receiving end of the equation. Both Sonos and Rayo (formerly Plantet Radio) blamed the other. So the legwork ends up being done by the end-user.

And there is little or no communication to the consumer. In this case, Planet just pulled the service and left it to us to work out why it had suddenly stopped working.  That’s poor enough for a free service, but inexcusable where a paid premium service is involved.

This is still a problem. Cannot add Rayo service. Still getting no Internet connection, no play list message!!


I am wondering if this is because I am still using S1 app, (because I refuse to trash my old Sonos boxes and move to S2 app) . Anyone else?