Spotify FAMILY accounts conflict

  • 17 April 2024
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I have a family account. 


The primary family account is logged into the sonos.  Account 1.

When any of the other family accounts (account 2) start to play music on their own device the sonos cuts out.

Originally I thought it was because both family accounts were added to the sonos, but I've now ensured the sonos only has 1 and the other account is on a device. 

Surely it's possible to use sonos with a family account without everyone else with family accounts being blocked? 


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Hi @Gc_in_china 

Sorry to hear of this issue you are having with your Spotify accounts and Sonos - it is not expected behaviour. You should be able to play one stream from each sub-account at the same time. More than that, if all the destinations are Sonos speakers, you should be able to play multiple streams from a single account.

As a test, could you please try playing from Account 1 on a device that is not a Sonos speaker, then play from Account 2 on another device that is also not Sonos - does the first stop playing, as with your report when using Sonos? If so, I recommend you contact Spotify for assistance.

If, on the other hand, music continues playing, then my recommendation would be to remove all Spotify accounts from your Sonos system. Once they’re all gone, add Account 1 only and test again - if there is an improvement in the behaviour, try adding the other accounts to your Sonos system - only if that’s what you want to do, of course.

Remove a music service account from Sonos

Add a music service to Sonos

I hope this helps.