quality difference on Spotify app through sonos app VS spotify app on apple tv

  • 6 April 2024
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Subject kinda sums it up. I have beam gen2 + sub mini and 2 era 100’s for surround. I am loving it. I was just curious if there is a quality difference playing spotify via my apple tv spotify app or changing from tv to music on my sonos app and listen spotify via sonos app?




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2 replies

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Hi @arslanelver,

The track quality should be the same between all versions of the Spotify app, or at least I’d hope so, however that isn’t anything we have direct control over and it’s up to Spotify on the quality of the track they provide.

I’d suggest playing Spotify from both the Sonos app and your Apple TV and listening for any difference. I don’t expect any difference in quality, but if there is then I’d recommend making sure everything is running the latest version, then reaching out to Spotify for further information and assistance if you feel the quality isn’t equal.

I hope this information helps!

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Thank you very helpful !