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  • 24 April 2024
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Scenario: I work in an agency where Sonos speakers are used in 3 areas. There are 4 Sonos One speakers in one area. 4 Sonos One speakers in another and 3 downstairs. We’ve even got a Sonos Five somewhere. These speakers are all on the same WiFi network but are grouped together in their respective areas, with individual speaker names and each area controlled independently of each other via 3x separate iPads.

Problem: When listening to a Spotify playlist in one area, the music might change to one of the other areas choice and the volume spike to MAX. Even though no one has touched either iPad or speaker. We try to turn the music off or down and it just jumps straight back again. We’ve tried setting volume limits to ‘ON’ and at 40% on each speaker but although that seems at first to work, soon defaults to ‘OFF’ and back to maximum volume. We try tapping ‘pause’ on the top of a speaker but it starts again almost instantly. This happens randomly, and things can be fine for a few days but then suddenly BOOM, we have the problems back.

Solutions?: We tried giving each area it’s own WiFi but Sonos wouldn’t talk to the new WiFi. We tried updating the software for Sonos and Spotify on the iPad but this had negative effect. We’ve submitted reports when this has happened but get nothing back from Sonos. We’re now at a loss and have simply unplugged all the speakers.

Question: Has anyone else here experienced a similar thing and more importantly, found a cure?


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How many people have access to the system? Can you be sure it’s not someone making changes, whether deliberately or not?

There is also the possibility of a Spotify Connect ‘session’ allowing volume changes, sometimes errant.