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ios app is rubish

I find the ios app and the andriod app are rubish not logical. And definitly not user friendly the Sonos team dont seem to understand, my wife complains she cant use it to play music, please Sonos do...

Why Sonos why??

I am new to Sonos and this community forum. I recently bought 2 x Play 1's and the Beam. Before this I owned a Marantz set whit Monitor Audio RX speakers and this set (as every set) had the possibilit...

Enhanced equalizer

will there or is there a spot for the equalizer portion of tuning besides bass and treble? it would be a nice feature in the future

Adding sub cuts low end from rear surrounds.

I have a play bar, sub and 2 play 5's for surround. My issue is that when playing music in full range on the surrounds the system cuts bass out of the surrounds when you add the sub and it actually so...

Best dedicated remote control for Sonos?

Hi there. My wife and I are debating whether to buy into the Sonos eco system or not. So far, we have decided that we really need a dedicated remote control with easy button-based access to presets/f...

iPhone Controller freezes

The Sonos Controller for my iPhone X freezes up the instant it is opened. It might register a button press but 99% of the time it will completely freeze and eventually crash (restarts itself). Reope...

Settings get reset after update

Is it normal after an update to the Sonos app to have to reapply changes to your surrounds? I had set my surrounds to max and now after the update they were back in the middle of the setting between m...

iPhone Problems

I'll resurrect this as this is the exact issue I'm having. Only on an iPhone X running all the latest iOS. My wife's iPhone 7 Plus, again, fully updated, works fine. My iPad Pro, works fine. iPhon...

Showing song information on the Sonos Controller for PC

Any way to get the desktop controller to show more than the song names? Duration at a minimum, bit rate would be nice.

Single page experience for volume, EQ & Advanced Audio controls

I'm constantly tweaking my EQ, Surround and Sub levels based on what I'm watching or listening to. I really just want these sliders all on the same page instead of drilling into the Advanced audio men...

Song Recognition when playing from Line-In

One feature that I think would be incredible is having song recognition (similar to Shazam) built into the controller when using Line-In. This would be particularly useful when listening to records. R...

Automatic playlist

Is Sonos likely to create an automatic and random playlist from the NAS? (as the iphone does from the music library) Sonos est-il susceptible de créer une playlist automatique et aléatoire depuis le N...

geofence on phone to automatically start selected music when arriving home

I think it would be super bad ass if you could set a geofence on your iphone using the sonos app so that you could automatically start music playing as you connect to your wifi pulling into driveway....


Song Navigation: • Ability to skip through songs using keyboard shortcuts more intuitive or potential for keyboard mapping in menu • Larger UI and/or ability to scale the UI via CTRL+ buttons • Abilit...

Airplay on a Mac

I am an Apple ignoramus. My wife wants to use iTunes on her Mac to send to our Sonos system using Airplay. However the Sonos support page just talks about iPad/iPhone w.r.t. Airplay and when I look on...

How to ask a question

I don't want to start a new topic, but I can't figure out where to type in my question-- my Sonos on my apple desktop is telling me to do an update (seems to tell me this all the time). but I want to...

Controll speakers using web-api

Hello I works on simple integration sonos to my system (web-service). I wondering that exist some sonos cloud web-api to direct controll particular speeker or group speekers using created user accou...


What, no "Preferences" listing under Manage? All I use Sono for is to play music from my hard drive. To get there, I have to click Music Library, then Folders, then the folder name. Next, I have to cl...

Your new Update System / Having to need Mobile App

Hello Since your new update system has been put in place it is causing alot of annoyance. Our system is set up on a desktop computer in a shop, as now we HAVE to have the mobile version of the app f...

Smart TV Apps

Would love a smart app to interface with my Sonos from my TVs. While investigating some streaming on my TVs this holiday season I noticed Calm Radio, Radio Tune In (Rock Radio and Jazz Radio Stations)...

Create and Edit Google Play Music Playlists Through Sonos Controller

Please add the ability to create and edit Google Play Music playlists directly from the Sonos Controller.  At the moment, the Sonos Controller can read playlists from Google Play Music but the Pl...

App volume control too sensitive

When choosing a low volume, it seems impossible to choose the right loudness by just using the app volume control. the difference between silent, and the next setting is too large, and thr only way to...

Volume control

Is it possible to use the iPhone volume keys to control the Sonos app volume?

Redesign the app volume control to get a better experience

I'm really in love with my Sonos system. I own Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 and I'm considering buy more components. The only unhappy thing I find is the volume control bar in the app (on any version: ph...

Folder view on mobile

I can see this topic has been raised multiple times previously, so I'm surprised it has never been addressed by Sonos: for music stored on a phone, why is there no folder view? It is a simple progra...


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