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Beam and play 5 gen 2

Got a beam znd plsy 5 gen 2 now grouped in lounge .Is there a way to adjust the volume etc to compliment the room as play 5 is some way from seating znd gets over powered by nearer beam. Thanks guys

Why do songs on iPhone keep skipping?

Here is an observation that I do not how to fix. I have 4 Sonos Play:1 speakers and a Sonos Boost that is hard wired to my router. I have the Sonos app installed on my PC, iPhones, and iPads. If I dec...

how do i delete a room

how do i delete a room

Updates not working

I can not see my controller on apps. says i need update but will not complete the update????

Last.FM - No scrobble or double scrobble

I'm using my Sonos since last Thursday, and it all work very great. However, I've got a small problem including my Last.FM music service. I added my Last.FM account on thursday, and it started "double...

App stuck in "needs update/no update needed" loop

My app (and Windows controller) is stuck in an endless "Check for update/No update needed" loop. I'm not enrolled in Beta. I've tried restarting my iPhone. I've tried deleting the app and uninstalling...

'Recently Added' Category in Music Library

A Sonos user would like to see a 'Recently Added' category from the Local Music Library music source. What do you think about it?

Windows 10 Controller

Do you have plans to ship a Windows 10 Store app which can be used from multiple Windows devices (PC, Phone, Xbox) to control the Sonos experience? We are a Windows household and the desktop controll...

Easily accessible group & volume scenes

It would be great if you could store "scenes", i.e. predefined groups and associated volume levels. They should be as easily accessible as the 'Sonos favorites'. An example would be "party" which...

Recently added to library

Is there a way to quickly list the most recently added albums to the local library?

Please add finer-grained EQ

I have been using a multi-room Sonos for many years, and recently added a Headphone zone. The headphones need a little EQ, so went into the Sonos Connect setup, and was dumbfounded to only find basic...


Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

Android: turn on automatically the controller on wifi connection

When the phone is not connected anymore to the wifi, the controller disappears automatically. It would be great that when the phone reconnects, the controller shows up in the notification area autom...

turning off sonos app on android

'leaving' used to be my method of exiting the sonos controller app. With version 4.0 there is no obvious way to turn off the controller...can someone help?

Adding Line-In to Favorites Menu?

I was told to post this in the community. Who do i have to contact to talk about adding an option to add LINE-IN to the FAVORITES MENU Thanks, Sonos is awesome!

Snooze does not work with Android app

Every time you set an alarm the controller behaves at random. Sometimes works but more often it gives not me the chance to snooze or to stop it. By the way why not programming a touch button on the d...

Update loop

My app keeps asking me to update before adding a speaker but I am on the latest version and stuck in this loop. On iPhone and Android. Anyone else having a similar problem?

Missing track numbers

I have a long playlist that I play in order. In the past at the top of the playlist the track number playing was displayed XX/YY where YY is the total number of tracks in the playlist and XX is the t...

Android controller problems

I hope someone can help because this is driving me nuts. The controller app my android device refuses to connect to sonos. The controller app is on 2 other android devices and 3 PCs, and they all wor...

Sonos App is brutal

Don’t buy Sonos until the App is fixed, constant problems like another user on here the speakers are great when you can run them through the app. Most of the time the app is glitching and screwed up....

Google home and Playbar

I understand that Sonos is working on integrating Google home and would have it released sometime in 2019. I want to know, when this happens will it also support the Playbar?

Thumbs Up/Down

Thumbs up/down for a song doesn't give the orange thumb to indicate that it's been thumbed before.

Sonos on Lockscreen iOS devices

Hi all, Just a few simple questions as an Sonos Sub/Playbase/ 2x Play:1/1x Play:3 owner: - Why does Sonos still not support the iOS lockscreen feature for almost 9 months now? This is completely una...

Phone no longer reconnects to Sonos when in range

Recently I've noticed that my phone (android) no longer reconnects to Sonos when in range. (eg, when I come back home). I noticed it a couple of updates ago, hoping it would be fixed, but not yet - he...

Within Sonos Playlist Search

This may be cheesy to some, but I'd like to be able to search within a Sonos playlist, know if a certain song was in a Sonos playlist or be able to sort a Sonos playlist. Is this part of the function...


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