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Sonos and SMB/CIFS share on openmediavault

I recently added a NAS to my network running openmediavault. I copied my music library to it and created an SMB/CIFS share for it. The local URL for the share is \\OPENMEDIAVAULT\Music. I tried to...

ASUS AiMesh Setup with Sonos

Hi There’s a lot of talk about Mesh Network setups and how well they play with Sonos. This is not a post on what Mesh network works best. Just want to provide some info on the ASUS AiMesh setup....

What do I need to put a mixer thru into my sonos,

Have playbase, amp and a bunch of One’s - what additional device is required to bring in mixing decks? Is it possible to do so?

speaker and favorite must be in the same household

When i run IFTTT with sonos to play a favorite i always get this error “speaker and favorite must be in the same household”


i just set up my little home theatre and have successfully connected my sonos to an IARK HDMI splitter which I have my Apple tv and Playstation plugged into. It was working great, i had sound on my pr...

Connecting Playbar to a projector with 3.5mm audio out

Hello, Upgraded our living room from smart TV to projector. The audio out on the projector is 3.5 mm. What is the easiest way to connect to the optical input on the Playbar? Maybe I'm stupid but it s...

Pioneer PL-41 Turntable setup with Sonos devices?

Hi, I have a vintage Pioneer PL-41 turntable and would appreciate some tips on setting up with Sonos devices. I don't have a phono preamp, receiver or speakers and am currently exploring options. I'd...

Hoping for additional setting and EQ capability for my new AMP

Love the AMP, wish I could do more with the EQ settings than just a single slider for treble and bass. If this was covered previously, my apologies but my searches came up empty. I know Sonos tends no...

Chromecasting video to projector and audio to Sonos

Hello, I've just bought a Sonos beam today, I'm a bit disappointed that it doesn't have Bluetooth. I want to watch some sport using NowTV and a projector. I have a chromecast connected to the project...

3rd Party Sub with 2 AMPs in Surround Sound Configuration

Is it possible to setup a 4.1 configuration with two Sonos AMPs with all wired speakers including a 3rd-party wired powered subwoofer? I understand that the Sonos AMP with the surround sound speakers...

Send HDMI (Arc) over Ethernet to Sonos AMP

I have in-ceiling speakers (2) in our kitchen, the speaker wire terminates two floors up in a media closet. The TV in that kitchen has ethernet run from behind it to the aforementioned media closet....

Unanticipated problem moving Sonos system to separate VLAN/SSID

Hello! I've been in the process of moving all of my IoT devices in my home to a separate VLAN / SSID, and my Sonos system is the only thing I can't get set up to my liking. My set up is pretty basic:...

Sonos Amp with HDMI ARC over HDMI Extenders

I have a customer who wants an outdoor TV with outdoor speakers. I'm thinking of using a Sonos Amp for his TV audio and extending HDMI over Cat6 to his mechanical closet where the Amp is in the dry. M...

Sonos Playbar with Connect Amp for Surround and third party active Sub for 5.1ch surround

Hi Everyone, Im looking to do the following and hoping someone can confirm whether or not it is possible. Sonos Playbar with Connect Amp for Surround and third party active Sub for 5.1ch surround....

Sonos-Beamer wifi setup

I'm looking for advice on my beamer-audio setup, combined with a wireless speaker function for spotify. I made a scheme to make the 3 options clear in which I would like the set-up to work in an idea...

Two Subs one Input

It is possible to have two subs in the same room on the same input?

Tuning Sonos Beam to room with drapes

I am about to tune my Sonos Beam to my room. The room has large windows and the glass is covered with floor to ceiling drapes at night. Should I tune my room with the drapes open or closed? Or can I c...

Media PC build to play dvd/bluray/hdblurays with 5.1 sound

I've got a beam, sub and two Play:1 speakers. I'd like to be able to play physical media and ensure I can get the best sound possible out of my speakers (DTS transcoding). I don't really want to buy...

Setup trouple

After do some changes at my switch I can’t get in contact with my Sonos system from the app. I have restarted router and restarted all my sonos product but still can’t get in contact. The white light...

Managed Switch

After 6 calls into Sonos I was told to get a managed switch to resolve the sudden loss of both Tidal and Spotify- the solution is/was unplugging the router wait 10 sec and all is good of a few hours d...

Sonos in a caravan

Hi, just wanted to ask a question on here from all you people in the know? I have recently brought 2 Sonos Play One's (to use in stereo) and want to take them to the caravan that I have. But the rea...

Sonos Play 1: Speaker Latency

Hello, I am building up a product. Having knowledge of the latency of the Sonos device is crucial for my product. I am using Wireshark to track the network activity and measure the latency. The scenar...

Ethernet and Mesh

Hi I have a Sonos Amp Connect and Sonos5, both are connected by cable to a router. I recently added a Mesh network (TP LINK Deco 5) that is connected to the router and defined a separate Wifi network...

The new AMP: 1 in-ceiling speaker setup. Bridge mode / one channel?

I've just received the new Sonos AMP. Is there a way of bridging the two speaker outputs into 1 channel, for 1 speaker? With wiring (+) terminal from Right channel and (-) terminal from Left channel....

Large Network - Sonos drops out

Reference Diagnostics 386354946. I am having issues where music in rooms will stop mid song and go to the next track. I also get the occasional dropped sub. Most units are wired 80% in the system.


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