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Web Controller Software - Perl based

I decided to create a new thread in the Unsupported Area instead of using the Digital Experts since that seems like a better fit. Sonos if this is a problem let me know. :-0 I've just posted version...

Python Linux Controller

Folks, I'm looking for some techies to test out some controller software I'm writing. When I got my Sonos I looked for controller software to run natively on non-Windows platforms - I really wanted...

Sonos with node.js, my attempt!

INFO Source code here: https://github.com/jishi/node-sonos-http-api Sonos Web Controller draft (work in progress!): https://github.com/jishi/node-sonos-web-controller Sonos IR control (requires lircd...

Sonos with Linux detailed Howto

Sonos without Windows I have a Linux server running Debian, a close relation of Ubuntu and a laptop running Ubuntu. I bought a Sonos ZP90 but not the controller. I found various bits and pieces on the...

Workaround for large music collection!

Hello everyone, I just finished a little utility for making a workaround for getting Sonos to be able to index large music collections. This workaround will only be usable with the Folders view in the...

Java based controller

Hi, I've been working on a Java based Sonos controller for a while now - http://sourceforge.net/projects/janos/. It's pretty basic, but it works for: Browsing Music Adding to queue Seeking in queue...

Guide to Changing the CR100 Battery

Do this at your own risk. You will no doubt void your warranty if you break something.

Native SONOS controller for Android

Hi I've started working on a remote for Android, and I have an initial version ready - it's available on Market under the name Andronos. If anybody would like to test it out, I would be grateful - th...

iTunes Library Manager

For Sonos users who wish to choose which of their iTunes playlists are transferred to Sonos or for users who wish to use lossy formats for their ipods and lossless for their Sonos system. It makes a...

Hook your Sonos system to IFTTT and control it with the cloud

For those unfamiliar, https://ifttt.com is a service that lets you hook two internet services together, with the first acting as a trigger and the second as a destination. For instance, you can say IF...

Can I use sonos system without an internet network at home?

i want to use sonos in a presentation setting. Currently i have a microphone connected to a mixer, and the mixer connected to an amplifier wired with speakers. I want to replace the wired speakers w...

Community-supported Sonos software: Available here!

As the list of sticky threads was growing longer and longer, we decided to reference those excellent finds from this forum right here. The links here will reference you to software that works well w...

ZP100 not booting

Hi, I've recently acquired a ZP100 however it looks to be stuck in the boot process with a single white light flashing endlessly. It doesn't appear responsive to holding the mute button on bootup. O...

HTTP Post Command Reference for Tasker

I'm new to Sonos, but would like to setup some Tasker tasks in Android to automate playing my favourite radio station, launching playlists, etc. Is there a reference for http POST commands that I cou...

ZonePlayer Command Line Tool

I have created a simple command line tool for simple control of a ZonePlayer using my script components. No knowledge of scripting required to use; however, the available commands are limited as a res...

I can access my whole library! Now, I'm happy!

It has taken weeks of research and numerous attempts with several different configurations but I can finally access my entire library through Sonos controller! My>65,000 music files are stored on a Se...

Sonos Connect and external Arcam DAC

My music is ripped in lossless format which a Sonos Connect (ZP90) feeds into my analog amp and speakers. There is no remote control for volume on my amp, so I have the Sonos Connect set to for variab...

A/V Receiver Optical Out to Play Bar??

Did anyone try it? will it work? Sonos suggest to by pass the AV receiver with all components in to TV and Optical out to Play bar..... I am just trying to de-clutter my living room with the a play...

Static IP address

Can I set a static IP address on my Sonos components ?

Sonos with new Airport Extreme 802.11n + Express

I just received the new Airport Extreme from Apple and discovered that Sonos does not operate when running on 802.11"n". Had to tweak the settings to run on "g" only but this makes the signal extremel...

How do I connect a Yamaha RX-V479 wireless to Play 1 Speakers? We use a 4G LTE Wireless network.

How do I connect a Yamaha RX-V479 wireless to Play 1 Speakers? We use a 4G LTE Wireless network.

HomeSeer control of SONOS

For any users of HomeSeer home automation software, I'm finalising a set of scripts that will allow HomeSeer to control SONOS Zone Players. They will allow HS to: Control each Zone Player using comm...

Airplay Proxy

Hello @all, i found this blog and i think this could be a nice solution to emulate a line-in/airplay solution for users who have a play:1 or play:3 without line-in. http://serioustinker.blogspot.se/...

Streaming from iPad or iPhone to Sonos via bluetooth (using BTA10)

Hello everyone I would like to share my experience on steaming audio from ipad directly to sonos. This is interesting for the instance if you like to watch youtube on tablets or just watch movies...

"Zones" (Sonos) iPhone App Live in the App Store

Subject pretty much says it all. I just downloaded it and it's currently building my library (it takes some time the first time out, especially with large libraries). so I can't comment on the app its...


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