Beam and SYMFONISK for surround

  • 5 December 2019
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I recently purchased a Sonos Beam to complement my existing 2x IKEA SYMFONISK speakers. Yaaay!

One thing I am trying to make it work is to add existing SYMFONISK speakers as surround to Beam, while Beam is connected to LG c8 Oled tv via HDMI ARC. However; it seems that I have not succeeded yet. While TV sound (including apps in the tv such as Netflix) comes through Beam, there is no sound comes through from SYMFONISK speakers, except background sound. 

I have also tried using optical cable, which didn’t work either. 

Is there a certain setting I need to change in TV/Speakers in order to get sound as surround from all speakers? 


Thanks for your help in advance.


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8 replies

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Hi alberg

Assuming you have bonded the SYMFONISK speakers to the Beam correctly you will not hear TV audio in the surrounds unless there is surround material in the broadcast. Try a Movie that you know has surround effects see if you get the surround channel. Also, check that the Beam is receiving DD5.1 in About My Sonos. 

Thanks @AjTrek1 

Speaking about bonding Symfonisk to Beam, I am not entirely sure how to bond, but I did add symfonisks as surround under Beam. 


I have tried couple of different movies/series from Netflix, all I heard from Symfonisks was background sound but no speaking sound which I am able to hear via Beam 


Regarding to DD5.1, All I can see under About my system is Beam version 10.5.1, Series A100 and Audio in: (empty)

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Thanks for the reply. 

You must have your TV on sending audio to see if the Beam is receiving DD5.1, DD5.0 or stereo.

In a proper surround environment (setup) you will never hear voice audio as you do from the Beam.  Follow the instructions in the link to set your Symfonisks as surrounds (i.e. bonding to Beam).

Please post back. Cheers!

That’s what surround speakers are supposed to do. Provide “surround” sound, ambient noises, ships passing behind the “camera”, etc. It’s not supposed to have the same voices as are on the center channel of the Beam.

In your “About My System” area, underneath the Beam, there should be a line that starts with “Line In”, usually the second from the bottom of the Beam’s listing. The information after that phrase is the kind of signal the Beam is receiving. 

Here’s the listing on my PLAYBAR:

Playbar: LR TV

Serial Number: XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX:X

Version: 10.5.1 (build 53371050)

Hardware Version:

Series ID: A100

IP Address: XX.X.X.61

Audio In: Dolby Digital 5.1

WM: 0


So, on the third line from the bottom is the Audio In line, which indicates that when I ran the “About My System” report, the PLAYBAR is receiving a Dolby Digital signal. 

I happen to be watching a Formula One race, where ESPN in the states is carrying the SkySports signal. It’s on a Dolby Digital carrier, hence why it reflects Dolby Digital, but the actual broadcast is in stereo, so the data channel to my rears is nothing. (I think….it’s hard to tell sometimes.). If I were watching a movie, then the rear channel would likely be much more lively. One of my early demonstration pieces was the beginning of Saving Private Ryan, where you can hear the bullets entering the water from the rear speakers quite clearly. But not the voices. 

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LOL...Geeze...could you think of a less violent movie to describe surround sounds. :fearful:  Although, I really enjoyed SPR as well.


@AjTrek1 @Airgetlam 

Thank you both! 

I think my expectations vs what surround is totally different. Apparently, I was referring to grouping to get sound/voice from all devices. Now it’s all clear. 

All works perfectly as surrounding sound comes through symfonisks and Beam has DD5.1 



Laugh. If I recall correctly, it was the disc I had in my DVD player way back when I first set up my PLAYBAR. it blew me away.  :)

But you’re right, I should probably find a better example to use. Maybe one of the Star Wars movies, with the giant ship coming in the screen over your head from behind you. Open to suggestions. 

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If you’ve got the LG OLED then you can test using the Dolby app on the TV