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Track Count Query

Hi How accurate is the data provided by the diagnostics page http://:1400/status/tracks_summary? My system is currently showing: Title MAX 50000 COUNT 49548 Store Size 2621440 Store Used 22908...

Microsoft Releases SMB (Samba) Documentation

this is potentially interesting to both Sonos users as well as the developers. Although the actual docs fall under an NDA, the results of coding using that information still remains open under GPL. It...

Imported Playlists Disappeared

My playlists from itunes have disappeared. I've never had this happen before. I can access music by genre etc but it says "no selections available" when I try and open them up. I haven't changed any...

moving digital signals around house

I'm about to purchase a Sonos system, but it seems unable to do one important thing for me. Even though the Zone Players have both digital and analogue outputs, they don't have a digital audio INPUT....

Windows Media Player Problem

When playing anything using the WMP, the sound crosses each other after 3 seconds. I am not sure if is a "compressed" problem or what. Please help me solve this problem.

Change Zone Player back from Zone Extender

Was using my Zone Player as an extender. Bought a ZoneBridge, and want to revert my ZonePlayer back to Player. Looked in manual, but no joy. Will unplugging it work?

Remote Buddy

Has anyone adapted Remote Buddy software for Mac to control desktop software. Would like to try this rather than have another remote control to contend with.

Large Enterprise Installation Question

I have a significant installation of Sonos at my University. There are some serious network policies present that are preventing me from doing everything with the Sonos system that I want to do, and t...

Router Help

I hope someone might be able to help. I have a Linksys WRT54G. The LAN is working fine (no Sonos issues) but the connection to the internet via hard wire connection to router is not working at all....

Please help with network access drive

I had a Network access drive hooked up to my Sonos in room A. It had a USB drive slaved to it. It worked perfectly for two years. I just moved the two drives to room B and they don't show up and I ca...

Sonos + PHP

I think someone should release a plugin for php to allow control and now playing info. A bit like MPD. It would be very interesting to use. I already know about the web controler and I have had a few...

music stops after one song

I have had my sonos for quite some time and had not one iota of a problem...however last night I went to load up a queue, pressed play, it played one song and half of another then completely shut down...

Sonos does not show up on netstumbler

How come sonos does not show up on netstumbler? I'm trying to diagnose wireless interference issues in my kitchen, and have been switching between channels. Netstumbler shows channel 1 as unused, b...

Strange Rhapsody Problems

Getting the "Unable to browse music" with anything in Rhapsody that is a "my", i.e. "my channels, my artists". Also in "Rhapsody Channels" it will navigate to them, but when I hit play I get "Unable...

Configuring multiple zones

If one has the capability..... ie just wired the house..... would/does it improve performance to link all zone players together via wired ethernet on a dedicated 10/100 switch instead of just one and...

Issue with Playlist/Terastation/Sonos

I have a PC with iTunes on it which puts all Music into C:\My Music. I have a Terastation Pro onto which Memeo backs up all my music into a share called Music. Memeo puts all Music into a folder -...

Line-In Drops Out

Been having some issues with a system - one of the ZP100s drops out when listening to FM radio via the Line-in on a Zone Player from another room, however MP3s etc... play fine without any problems....

UK DECT 5.8ghz Cordless Phone

Hello all, Can anyone recommend a non 2.4ghz dect cordless phone that can be sourced in the UK please?? The websites i have looked at so far for replacement phones do not state what frequency they o...

Wifi without Sonos Bridge

Is there a supported or unsupported option to connect a Sonos player to my home network only via Wireless Lan without using the Sonos Bridge?

Multiple Libraries

Does anyone know how to organize files into separate libraries that can be accessed from the controller? For example, let's say you have 1,000 country music files, 1,000 jazz files and 1,000 spoken l...

Desktop Controller Settings

Does anyone know where Desktop Controller software keeps track of ZP100 and ZP80 IP addresses? I want to be able to manually tell Desktop controller where my ZP100 is. Thanks Felix

ZoneBridge or 2.5 update crashing home network router?

Hi all - Shortly after receiving my two ZoneBridges (1 to replace to the first wired one and 1 to extend the range in my house) and upgrading all hardware to Sonos 2.5 (great new features BTW! Thank...

How many wireless channels do you have?

It's hard to get a real transparent answer from Sonos. They refer to legal issues. Registered in Germany i have just 3 channels : 1 - 6 - 11 Do you have more or other?

ZP Power Down - A Possible Fix?

I spent a frustrating hour tonight trying to get a ZP80 to be recognized by my controller/desktop software after it had simply dropped for no apparent reason. I went through the whole routine--change...

How Reliable it NAS?

I have had my Sonos for only a few days but love it, my dad saw it last night and is going to order one ASAP for himself. I am going to help him set it up and want to make sure it doesn't give himsel...


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