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Internet Radio, advanced options

I started posting this in the suggestions area, but things got out of hand. Now it belongs here. --- I've never been a big fan of internet radio. Mostly, it doesn't sound so good, I'd rather not...

Airport Extreme + Airport Express = Complete Wireless

I wanted to let you know to i've managed (not a big deal) to create a complete wireless network using an Airport Extreme Router and an Airport Express. It's working great and is easy to setup. As I s...

uPnP "Previous" broken?

Triggering the Previous call through my own code or via Intel's code returns an error. Is this a known bug?

WMA Streams

New Features New Posts ;-)) I was really enthusiastic when i read that sonos is able to play wma streams as my favorite station is only available as wma. Unfortunately the url changes from mms://st...

5 second Sonos lag in surround sound setup

Hi, I have 6 ZPs working wirelessly. I just got some Beolab 3 speakers for my library and have them hooked into a ZP. I also have my sony XBR 950 Plasma tv in the library. I wanted to run the Sony...

Constant Problems

Has anyone else encountered frequent problems with Zone Players dropping from view? I don't know how many times I've had to reset the Zone Players, or the Handheld or desktop controller, or the DSL m...

Is it me or do you lose digital quality through a home system?

I have 8 Zone players. 7 stand alone and sound awesome. i have one that connects to my home theater system. It is higher end and has great components, but believe it or not, i get much better sound fr...

MP4 Extension Supported?

I was about to reconvert my lossless audio files to MP4 (AAC with a MP4 wrapper, identitical to M4A), anyway, does Sonos recognize the extension? I'd just try it, but the long conversion is underway...

How Do I Best Utilize a NAS Device?

I am up and running with Sonos: tremendous product! I am still amazed at how easy it was to set up. I have run into some issue adding a NAS and am hoping to “fine tune” my use of the Buffalo LinkSta...

Got a buzz? Here is the buzz kill!

I had a big problem getting a 60 cycle hum from my Bose Lifestyle either connected to my PC or to Sonos. This totally fixed the problem and took all of 30 seconds to do. http://www.xitel.com/product...

Update on Yahoo! Muisc Engine UPnP Server Support

As mentioned in http://forums.sonos.com/showthread.php?t=677, the Yahoo! Music Engine has gotten some great initial reviews and the annual price is 1/3 of the current Real Rhapsody fee. Given that YM...

ipod and NAS box

I have a NAS box which I use to store all my songs on itunes for my sonos system. I just bought an ipod yesterday. Seems that I can't download my songs from my NAS to my ipod. I'm windows based. When...

Help!!!. My hard disk has crashed.

I have 200gig of Maxtor hard disk that contained about 50,000 mp3 files, everything I own, that has taken a year of collection and editing the ID tags to get to where it is till last weekend. I was tr...

Does the ZP act as a wireless network bridge?!?

I had a really weird occurence the other day. I got a bunch of equipment to upgrade my home from a 100Mbps to 1 Gigabit. I store my music and my ripped DVDs on a 2TB Raid 5 array in the basement att...

Not enough room to save the queue??

Just got that error message while trying to save a queue, using the desktop controller. It was a large queue...about 800 tracks, but I've never seen that before. Tried saving it again, and it worked...

Line noise through amplifier

I have one of my ZPs connected to a home a/v amp using RCA audio cables. I find that there is a low-volume hum/noise through the speakers when there is no music playing. When I unplug the electricit...

Sonos In The UK ... finally

I just received my sonos. Within 30 mins was up and running with 3 ZPs. SimplySonos.co.uk is a great site. Within an hour of placing the order i was called and all my questions answered over the ph...

Power Light

Anybody else noticed just how bright the power light is in a dark room? I don't actually mind it because it enables me to see my way if I need to go to the bathroom in the night, but my girlfriend sa...

Sonos and MIMO wireless routers

I've seen the FAQ about how using the "turbo" mode on some routers (boosting the speeds to around 108 MBit) can interfere with the operation of the ZP, but my question is, is the same true when using...

Alternating amber/white light??

One of my ZPs does this fairly frequently. The amber is on a little longer than the white, which seems to match the error condition in the manual that the ZP is overheating and shut itself off. Exce...

FAQ method for adding shoutcast stations not working

The method described in the FAQ to add shoutcast stations does not work. The only I found to get Shoutcast stations is to first open the stream in Winamp. Then from winamp's playlist editor view the...

Anymore C# Projects that anyone is willing to share?

Anymore C# Projects that anyone is willing to share? I've seen the couple posted on the Google groups, just looking for more to play around with.. Thanks!

cable internet made my sonos stop working.

Hey everyone, I just moved into a new condo and set up a couple of zone players before I even had internet in my place. The set up was incredibly smooth, and like others have posted, it just worked....

Volume Level

Hello, I find that I have to crank the volume on the Controller up pretty high (60%+) before I start getting any significant performance from the ZP. Is this because the volume calibration is non-lin...

Used Sonos Box

I've been offered a nearly-new Sonos box for a good price, it's a spare from somebody who has one too many having bought an extra bundle. The box is already "registered" and has been upgraded. Will...


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