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Cool little NAS..just add drive

This looks like a cost effective little NAS, looks like you have to add your own drive up to 300MG. http://www.pcmicrostore.com/partdetail.aspx?q=p:10502197&kbid=1237

Ximeta's NetDisk NAS -- will it work w/ Sonos?

Will Ximeta's NetDisk NAS work with Sonos? http://www.ximeta.com/products/network_drives/netdisk/index.html

silly line level output question...

I would like to split the line-level output of one of the zone players. In one of my zones I have two amps. One drives several sets of speakers while the other drives a home theater setup with its o...

remote control speaker selector

I have my Sonos connected to a speaker selection switch that is changed manually. I would like to switch speakers remotely. Is there such a device available?

Home Automation - How many people ?

Integration with Home Automation keeps coming up on these Forums. I myself am very interested in this, especially having the ability to be able to adjust my lighting via the controller. I am interes...

Power amp and speakers

Per my other thread "Dance Hall" I was thinking about connecting the Sonos to a Rotel rb-991 power amp (zesty 200W per channel). It's a delicious amp, but am wondering what speakers would play nice w...

Please talk me into buying Sonos??

Sonos system sounds like great idea - I only just started with WMP10 earlier this year on my work PC and love having my stuff digital. I now wanna get music throughout the house - especially as we ar...

Seamless Playback of MP3 Files?

Hello, I'm a little worried. I've just placed an order for 4 ZonePlayers and two controllers, but I’ve just hit on an issue that could cause me problems! Hopefully I’m worrying unnecessarily though…p...

Ripping to MP3: File Name Components & Multi Disc

In anticipation of getting a SONOS system, and being a digital media neophyte, I've begun to play around with WMP10 to see how the ripping & library management functions work. I decided to experiment...

Odd question

I have a HT in my living room. I have my main speakers feeding from my HK digital amp. For WAF, and to avoid having her turn on amp, and then Sonos, is it possible to simply feed the speakers BOTH s...

WMP vs. iTUNES vs. MMJB vs. Et Al

My intent with this thread is not to start a battle amongst devotees of each of these applications. Rather, I am a complete novice in terms of ripping and managing an online music catalog. Currently...

Zone Controller Power Pinouts?

So for us types who wish to make our own dock while we wait for the Sonos release can anyone tell me which of the two bottom pads is 6v+ and which is 6v-? Regards, Roveer

Sonos ZP with four speakers

Having read the FAQ, I am aware that you can run 4 speakers into one ZP instead of the normal two, as long as they meet the proper requirements. Has anyone does this? How is the sound quality as co...

Wireless Bridge

Nice little side benefit. The ZP acts like a wireless bridge with 4 ports! Easier to set up and use than any bridge I've used. Very useful for connecting intenret connected A/V deices (xBox, Escien...

Contol sonos with PSP?

Anyone think it would be possible to control sonos with a PSP(playstation portable). There is already a hack to control itunes on your computer with a PSP via a webpage.

line out lag

I finally got around to using a line in input (my tv). I am having a little problem, there is about a 3 second delay with what comes out of the tv, and what comes out of the sonos speakers, any ideas...

external hard drive

Anybody just hook an external hard disk to the system? I Have a whole house audio system and just want to hook up an external hard disk to the system with out using the network.... is this possible.

"Shared" Subwoofer?

I would like to run a ZP using it's subwoofer out connection to a "shared" subwoofer. The subwoofer is currently hooked up to an AV receiver (..and, I don't want to run my ZP line-outs into the receiv...

Two Problems: Adding New Internet Stations

I have read numerous threads regarding various websites that we can browse to locate mp3 streaming content that would be compatible with Sonos two of which being shoutcast.com and publicradiofan.com....

ZP Boombox

I needed a portable version of one of my Zone Players that could be easily moved to one of several outdoor patio areas. As a solution, I had an acrylic caddy fabricated that includes a substantial ca...

Drowsy Subwoofer

I think that this is a Sonos issue -- wondering if anyone else has seen it. I run one ZP with the Orb audio speakers and sub (sound great BTW). When I first turn the music on, the sub does not work...

80 Hz Auto-detect low pass filter

Does this apply to the line out jacks? Or just the speaker connections? I thought it might be a nice way to add a subwoofer (via the ZP) to a receiver that doesnt have the filter built in.

Flac support via Samba VFS

I have written a Samba VFS module which converts FLAC files to WAV on the fly. It converts Vorbis Tags on the FLAC files to LIST/INFO tags in the WAV files. In the near future I hope to support repl...

Control4 and Sonos

I really like both companies. Although I don't know much about control4 yet. However I think Sonos has them beat in the audio department (interface). But the automation is where control4 comes into...

Klipsch Speakers

Hey all, I'm in love with Klipsch speakers. Started with the Promedia 5.1's and later I got to hear the reference series (7's) and love the sound. Anyway I'm a college student in an apartment... tw...


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