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"Best" File Format and Bit Rate for SONOS

I plan to rip my entire music collection to a NSD purchased in anticipation of buying multiple ZPs and remotes from SONOS. While there are many file formats and bit rates I can select from my IMac, u...

Zone Player access NAS constantly?

I have a simpletech 250gb NAS drive and have noticed it does not spin down after not being accessed like it used to. Does the Zone player that is connected to the network constantly access the networ...

Line In Question

If you have multiple ZonePlayers can you hook up multiple sources to each Player's Line-In? For example, I want to have my main ZonePlayer hooked up to an Airport Express (so that I can play DRM'd mu...

Stupid Question from Roku Soundbridge Owner

So...I currently own a Roku Soundbridge now with an NSLU running mt-daapd on it to do sort of a subset of what the Sonos system does. I love it, however it does definitely have some shortcomings- whi...

Multiple simultaneous outputs?

From a single Zone Player, can I use the audio (RCA) outputs at the same time I'm using the speaker outputs? I would like to locate a zone player in my living room and connect it to a pair of speakers...

NAS - Network Attached Storage Solutions

Please tell me how you can use NAS Solutions with SONOS. Are there supported vendors? What exactly do you need a PC for? Will Rhapsody service work with it? I want to have no PC at home, just my lapt...

Sonos API for home automation

Hi all, Is there an XML (or other) API that we can use to allow home automation systems to send SonosNet commands - eg do a post of an XML doc to the Sonos ZonePlayer to stop playback, or to play a s...

Anyone connecting to hi-fi equipment?

I'm considering a Sonos system, but wondering about the quality of the DAC in the Zone Player. Can anyone report on how the thing sounds when connecting the line output to an existing hi-fi amp and sp...

Are zone players necessary?

I already have an HTPC with an exception 2channel audio card. My HTPC is connected to my receiver, and the only zone that would be in use. are the zone players necessary for this to work. I am wonderi...

Roku M2000 and Sonos co-exist?

My Sonos is on ordered and I am planning on a NAS (Buffalo LinkStation 160GB) setup, hooking Sonos' audio outputs directly into my power amp's audio inputs. I bought the Roku M2000 Soundbridge some ti...

Line out use

If I have a Zone that is connected to both speakers and a line out, do I select which output I want for that zone or do both work together? I'm thinking of using one zone player for in ceiling speake...


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