BT Whole home wifi - will it work with sonos?

  • 24 May 2017
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I want to extend wifi to my garden, using BT whole home wifi, so I can control sonos from my patio.

Current setup:
BT homehub 5
--- wired connection to sonos boost
--- play 1, play 5, connect amp
I don't know if this uses SonosNet, but I assume so. Everything works fine, but my wifi doesn't reach my patio.

If I add BT Whole home wifi, and use that wifi network to try and control sonos, will it work? The BT whole home wifi is a wired connection to the homehub5 router, then it has two other wireless discs/extenders. I am competent enough to turn off the wifi on the homehub5, so then I will only have one wifi network in my house. But I have seen people mention the problem comes if both wifi networks use their own DCHP server, which is beyond my knowledge. Thank you for any advice.

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3 replies

People are using mesh networking wifi like this successfully with Sonos. But your Sonos units will be connecting over SonosNet as you have a wired component. Is the problem that the speakers won't work on the patio, or just that your controller won't connect? If the latter, a cheaper option would be an Amazon Fire tablet, as the Android app is capable of connecting to SonosNet. Unless you have an Android controller already?
And i think you should be able to turn off the DHCP on either main router or whole home. I think it is recommended to leave main router as DHCP but you could check that.
The BT Whole Home doesn't contain a NAT or DHCP. It's just a WiFi mesh, working in conjunction with an existing router.