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I have playbar and subwoofer.....I bought later 2 play3's for stereo sound but I can't use subwoofer with the play3's without first unpairing the subwoofer from playbar.....Is that correct, if so it sucks!

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That is how it is.
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I made a very expensive mistake then....
Your SUB is part of the PLAYBAR 'room'. Add the PLAY:3s as surrounds and they'll be part of the same 'room'. You can have them play full stereo (along with the PLAYBAR) for music.

If you want the PLAY:3s to be a separate 'room' then set them up as such. Remove the SUB from the PLAYBAR and you can bond it to the PLAY:3s' 'room'.

Every time you move the SUB back and forth it gets subsumed into the destination 'room' as a semi-permanent component. If you've gone through Trueplay tuning you'll need to do so again every time the SUB is transferred.

The SUB is not a 'room' in its own right which can be grouped at will.

If you need a SUB in two 'rooms' and can't be bothered to move it back and forth then buy a second SUB.
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I see what you mean.....I thought because sonos is such a great designed product it would be very simple thing to do,,,,I was wrong.
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I see what you mean.....I thought because sonos is such a great designed product it would be very simple thing to do,,,,I was wrong.

It IS very simple to do. I don't see your problem (well actually I do but my Mother brought me up to be polite).
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How long does it take and how often do you do this?
It is pesky to do over and over; and almost impossible if one also wants Trueplay. But I also don't know any other make that allows it to be done as easily as Sonos does, from one's couch, contradictory though this may sound.
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Why can't they automatically bond the subwoofer with the play 3's if you want to listen stereo audio, and bond it automatically with the playbar if you change to the playbar. Now it takes quite some time to unbond and bond....
I also use the play 3's as surround I have to remove them as surround speakers if I want to use them as stereo speakers....
If you don't Trueplay it is virtually automatic, short of Sonos reading your thoughts. It's only a few clicks. Talk about a first world problem. Do you have the surrounds set to "full" rather than "ambient" for music? The P:3s will play in stereo then, without your having to do anything.
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You have to remove the surround speakers from the 5.1.....give them a name.....join them as them with sub after you have removed the sub from the playbar. That's not a few mouse clicks.....
And how do you use the surround speakers as stereo if they are linked with playbar (5.1)......can you turn of the playbar and listen to the surround speaker as stereo. .....I guess you have to physically switch off playbar.
From memory you don't have to rename the speakers each time, You can give the speakers room names, then bond them to the Playbar and they will revert to the names when you unbond them. I think you can adjust the volume of the surrounds relative to the Playbar but not turn it off. I can't be sure - it isn't something I ever do and I'm away from my system at the moment. In normal music operation both the Playbar and the surrounds play stereo.
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I like to watch a movie in 5.1 with sub.....and I like to listen to music in stereo with sub. I've got all the speakers but don't want the hassle with bonding unpairing etc...
Thanks for all the input here........
In the first place, obtaining best results for stereo music needs the speaker pair to be facing you while surround effects for movies are best delivered by speakers at the side/behind you.

How would you like Sonos to make that little changeover easier for you?

Using Full mode may well be the ideal solution for you, if you are prepared to be open to that being the case. If not, sell the system.
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That'll be the best soloution
That'll be the best soloutionGood idea. Please post back aand tell us which replacement system you get, which does what you want and does everything else Sonos does as well as Sonos.