Rename speakers

  • 12 June 2017
  • 4 replies

I have a playbar, sub and play 5. All in my living room. I accidently named my play 5 to be in "livingroom2" while the playbar and sub are named living room. How can I rename it so the play 5 is in "living room" so all the speakers will be under the same name. Ty

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4 replies

I wrongly believed till recently that two zones could not have the same room name to avoid user/software confusion, but it seems I was wrong. I think you can over write the suggested name to whatever name you want to give the speaker.
Thx for the response. I want all the speakers to actually be in the same "zone" so I don't have to group them together every time I want to use Sonos. Ty
You can only make one zone with play bar and 5 units if they are set up for surround sound. In that zone, they are to be placed at the rear of the listening area and will not be in a good place for music play - unless you prefer the sound of music from the zone made up with them as surrounds.

Most people prefer to listen to music from just a speaker pair widely spaced in front of the listening area; that is a typical set up for music listening.
Note also that in surround mode, there is a Full as opposed to ambient mode you can select. The former is meant for music play with more presence of the surround speakers and this may well be what you need for music to also sound good from one zone, addressing your requirement.