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Playbar and Play 5 working together - but how can I solve some Audio interruptions?

Hello, this morning I discoveread the possibility to add (using group function) the Play 5 to the Playbar 5.1 System. What I recognized was first that the Speakers had to by synced using lipsync. P...

Play 3 is no longer permantly connected to my bridge

Hi Folks, since some days I have the following issue: one of my Play3 was working perfect for about 4 month. But since some days it connects and disconnects itself from the room-list. Only thing...

Playbar with Playstation set-up

I have my playstation 3 hooked up to my tv via HDMI. I cannot get audio through my playbar when playing a DVD. I can get the sound through my tv speakers. Do I need to use an optical cable for audio i...

Playbar and Play:5 playing together

Hi. We have just installed a new Playbar and have a Play:5 and Bridge already. We were told we could play the TV (connected to the Playbar) through the Play:5 in another room as well as the music thr...

High pitched whine from Playbar

Hello when no sound is being passed through my Playbar (TV off) it emits a high pitched hum from the centre of the bar. Muting the Playbar via the the controls on the side stops the noise. is this no...

Best Customer Support (Joshua) - Please Keep It Up!

Tech Support (Joshua) is incredible. I really didn't expect my email inquiry to elicit a response, let alone one that easily solved my problem. Kudos to Sonos!

Where is Sonos playbar made?

Where is the Sonos Playbar made. I want to buy one but my country has restrictions on products made in China.

Single compoment multiple rooms

Hi NOOB here, so sorry if this has already been asked or is too easy :-) Today we purchased a playbar, sub, 2 Play 3 and a bridge. Got home and like a kid on Christmas morning unwrapped everyth...

Playbar Installation Clearance Tolerances

The install guide says that there should be 1 foot clearance on either end of the Playbar. If there is less distance, what will be the operational consequence?

New Playbar pairing zones issues

Just recieved the new playbar. This makes it my 8th zone. No P3 nor Sub is bounded to the Playbar. First I am quite dissapointed with the sound. The sound is canny boxy and metallic with a lot of sib...

PLAY:5s for Surround Sound with PLAYBAR

With a big room I bought 2 PLAY:5s. Had to replace them with the PLAY:3s in other rooms for surround sound with the PLAYBAR. Understand the latency issues with PLAY:5s for use with the PLAYBAR but is...


Is It possible to connect two Sonos Subs wirelessly to the Playbar?

Sharp Aquos optical audio out works with Playbar?

I have a LC-42A66M Sharp Aquos LCD TV. Can confirm that the optical audio out works with the Playbar, as I see various people seems to have issues with some TVs optical out?

PLAYBAR Prerelease Information

I saw your release about the Playbar and am very interested. How does it connect to my TV, Blu Ray, Cable, etc? I saw it said via optical cord, but what kind of optical? Which device is it best to...

allow Roomie app to open Sonos app?

Is it possible to have my Roomie app that I use to control my home theater equipment to open the Sonos app? i'd like to press: Listen to Sonos -- 1. turn on receiver, 2. change inputs, 3. enable volu...

can i use a Playbar as a standalone speaker without a tv?

i want to replace an old B&O "wing" speaker with a Sonos playbar as it fits better in the space i have than a PLAY 5/3 etc.

TV without an optical output.

My TV does not have an optical out, only an analogue RCA one. Would the Playbar support a feed from a RCA-Optical converter ?

Is the wireless bridge a $50 cash grab? Explain this to me...

I currently have a play 5 in my 2nd floor bedroom, and zp 90 in my basement home theater, and a zp 90 on my 1st floor connect to an amp powering 5 rooms. All connections are currently WIRED. With th...

Sonos Playbar - Paired to ZP120

Hi, we have an open plan living area with no possible location for PLAY3's to be positioned without being unsightly. I already have inceiling speakers in this room which were used for an older multir...

Hi, I would like to purchase a playbar but I have a Panasonic TV th-42px70ba which doesn't have an optical audio out. What are my options?

I use an ipad to control my playbar but my music is on a ipod classic - what is the best way to play this music on the playbar?

ipod to playbar?

No optical on TV

TV does not have optical connection. How do you recommend I work around this. I was considering getting an HDMI switch and connecting the optical that way, however you don't recommend. Are you able...

Playbar keeps disconnecting

I have a playbar and recently I added the Sonos Sub - every since then every couple days I need to go in and reset everything as my sonos apps do not recognize anything. To make matters worse once I...

Playbar and Music Library

Sonos was unable to add the music folder, Computer "mac name" cannot be found. I have tried the firewall option and it is still not working... help

Playbar + SUB = winning combination!

[Warning: Semi-long post, the core of which is a review, but it is also one users story] I'm a long time sonos user. I have four ZP100s in service, and even have a couple CR100 controllers. In addit...


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