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Digital fiber optic input for tv's

hi I am Joseph, a magnolia pro at best buy 221 in Tulsa Oklahoma. you guys need to make a box the size of the bridge with a fiber optic input on it . then update the software and add a digital line in...

s5 with or without Sub. Opinions?

Greetings. I am moving soon and am thinking about buying a set of s5's for stereo music in my living room. The space is about 22'x13' or 286 square feet. It's a prewar building with solid walls. T...

New Sound System Suggestions Needed

Hi Folks, I'm in the process of remodeling my house and I want to wire it so that everything is hidden. I also want to incorporate Sonos into the mix because I want to be able to play music in 3 roo...

I have just purchased a new 3D TV. I do not have any audio equipment in my home. Can SONOS sell me a product that will provide surround sound for my new TV?

I have just purchased a new 3D TV. I do not have any audio equipment in my home. Can SONOS sell me a product that will provide surround sound for my new TV? I do not want to go to another company to b...

can I turn my receiver on and off via sonos app?

Getting it all to work together

I've got a Sonos system up and running, talking to my NAS, and streaming Pandora. I've also got a Samsung web enabled home theater, also talking to my NAS and streaming Pandora. What don't have is t...

Delay on AUX input?

Greetings everyone! I'm getting ready to start my first sonos system, and I have a question about the aux input, or whatever you call the part of those Sonos Connect devices that takes audio input fr...

Describe your system

This thread is for people wanting to post details of their Sonos setup, or to ask questions of others about their setup.

White? Really?

I'm sure this has been beaten to death but I don't frequently visit these forums. Why on gods green earth did Sonos decide to make all of their Connect/Connect:Amp devices BRIGHT white. I have 7 dif...

Sonos Connect and Apple TV/Airport Express

Hi, Have recently bought a Sonos Connect (attached to hi-fi in living room), Play 5 (in kitchen) and bridge (connected to Draytek router) and all seem to work fine. How do I check or change which Wi...

Play:1 and Bridge+/ Baisc Connect: Value Added Entry Solutions

Hey, I have been using my Sonos setup for about two month now and I am really missing two products: 1. Play:1: Mobile music without a plug Despite the rain, I spent many evening in my Garden - using...

What Equipment Do I need?

Hi, It is time to finish my system completely. Below is the list of equipment I currently have. The main problem I have is my equipment is downstairs in the theater room but we are usually upstairs,...

Slight delay with Sonos Connect

Dear Sonos Team, First let me say that I am very happy with my new Sonos system consisting of a Play:3, Play:5, and Connect. However, there is one small problem that I noticed. While the play:3 and p...

Sonos Sub - Confirmed by Crutchfield e-Newsletter

Got an email this AM from Crutchfield announcing a wireless sub from Sonos: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_616SUB/Sonos-Sub.html

Added ZP100 to Home Theater and Got Subwoofer Hum

I added my ZP100 to my Onkyo HT receiver today via a pair of RCA interconnects and noticed a hum coming from the subwoofer. Unplugging the Sonos eliminates the hum. Other components plugged into the...

Bose or Yahama soundbar and sonos

hey everyone, we are moving and in my new family room we are downstairs, so i don't want to rip open walls and such for good sound. i'm thinking of a nice soundbar and tried the bose cinemate 1 SR and...

Apple TV 2 connected to sonos instead of AirPort Express

I do not have an Apple TV yet, however, I wonder if an Apple TV could be interfaced to sonos instead of an AirPort Express, doing the same thing - forwarding decoded audio to sonos. Would perfectly m...

Disable or hide Sonos Media Server

Hi, Whenever I browse my home network for my PS3 Media Server on my Playstation 3 or my Oppo BDP-95 Blu-ray player, I also see the following entries: - Sonos CONNECT Media Server 192.1...

airport and sonos dropout

so I have reviewed quite a number of the posts and understand a little of the big difference between sonos and airplay/airport. I currently stream using my desktop MAC as a NAS and sonos work seam...

Sonos Line In Delay?

If I play music on my normal stereo and have sonos connect/zp90 or similar connected to the line out of that stereo and play that signal out in the other zones won't I get an echo/delay in the other z...

Video Streaming

I've used the Sonos device for a few hours now. I love it. I love it a lot. I wonder if they are making the next version of this device to support video streaming.. you must.. you must.. And,...

Play 5 as front speakers

Has anyone setup a home theater using a pair of Play 5s as the front speakers using the line in jacks ?

Sound interruption/breaking up

Just bought 2 ZP90s & 2 Play:5s. Set up the ZP90 next to my modem. Its in a closet. There is a receiver, appleTV, cable box, AT&T Uverse modem & Blu Ray player in the closet. Added the 2 PLay:5s - o...

Sonos: Roadmap

I really wish the Sonos would lift the viel of secrecy with their items. I know Sonos likes to mimic the Apple way of marketing and syling, but I don't think it behooves them the same way that it doe...

New Deck. Looking to get started with Sonos.

Hi everyone, I just started researching Sonos and am trying to figure out how best to get started. We're having a deck installed on our townhouse and would like to be able to play music on the deck,...


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