Sony X900E & Sonos 5.1 full setup

  • 6 September 2017
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Has anybody successfully setup a new 4k hdr smart tv with the playbar? I recently purchased a Sony x900e and i already have a full Sonos 5.1 setup and even an old monoprice md-arc 7974 splitter. Just doing even a basic setup of just optical cable out from sonos to the the back of the TV i can't seem to get movies to stream the audio on Prime or Netflix unless i set the entire TV to output PCM stereo. It seems to randomly pass dolby5.1 in a few instances but most content is Dolby Digital Plus and it will not or there does not appear to a TV setting to allow a smooth auto switch transition from DD5.1 content to Stereo when it encounters DD Plus audio i simply get silence. Do i need to change inputs or settings or buy another splitter? I have tried many many different ways of setting it up and the more complicated ones usually end up with the TV refusing to let me switch the audio to "external speaker"

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4 replies

i guess another way of stating part of the problem is it seems X900e won't pass through 5.1 on optical out if input is HDMI. System keeps wanting to revert to internal speakers not external (sonos)
My goal is to stream 4K movies on Google play or netflix or prime with at least Dolby Digital 5.1
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For what it's worth, the '4k, HDR, and smart' designations really don't have any bearing on the TV support. It's going to be what the actual television will pass through and (when involved) what the device feeding it sends over.

Since you're struggling with Prime or Netflix, I'm assuming those are apps on the television which makes it a little easier to troubleshoot.

That said, you may find this thread helpful which dealt with the same model TV:

The result appears to have been a factory reset of the TV addressed his issue.
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The more modern your set-up, the harder it becomes. I struggled with PLAYBAR, switches, converters etc. for many years. Recently bit the bullet and replaced it with a true AV receiver. Wish I'd done it years ago. Just works now, every time. DD+, DTS, even Atmos.