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  • 6 September 2017
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Hi. I currently have a Sony HT-CT780 Soundbar (was around £300 mark). Main reason I bought this was for the 3x hdmi in and 1x out to work with my Projector, Sky box, Nvidia shield. I find the sound a little underwhelming.

I have 2x Play 1's and was looking to add a Playbar to the set-up (using some sort of HDMI-Optical splitter). Just wonder if anyone else has this set up and whether they think it is worth it? I have looked at the Playbars and my room is narrow and 15ft in length, so not massively worried about the base box element right now. Sound would surely be better with Playbar and 2x Play1's as rear sound. Just fearing a tricky set-up or audio issues around the set-up with the splitter?

Its just having the 2x Play1's that is making want to head down this route. Also wonder if I would be better getting a cheapish 5.1 set-up for similar price as playbar?

Would love to hear your thoughts.


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2 replies

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You'll see lots of threads around here confirming problems with people trying to get PLAYBAR working with multiple external devices. Switch boxes, splitters etc may be required along with a total dependence on Dolby Digital - Playbar can't even decode DTS.

I'd recommend keeping the PLAY:1s for music and looking at a proper 5.1 AV set-up from Richer Sounds. I have the Denon AVR-X3300W - which I used to replace PLAYBAR - and it's superb. Going for a bargain price right now, just add speakers to meet your budget.
Will probably check some out at Richer Sounds. Not had a system before so a bit unsure of expectations. Assume all speakers are still wired to each other?

What are your thoughts on this one. Had it recommended.